Thursday, December 13, 2007

Because of Cancer... Life's Precious Moments

When you are faced with a life-threatening illness every day of your life, you tend to have a change in perspective. Brian had a particularly hard time reading my posts this week because seeing all this written down made it seem so real, he told me. I said, “Well, it is quite real. I certainly didn’t mean to upset you, though.” He said, “Yeah, but like you stated about things being relative, this is normal to us now, and I forget that it wasn’t before. Reading these posts made me remember.” It is strange because something that lingers over you every day just changes your definition of “normal,” therefore changing what seems extraordinary, too. For us, certain things have become extraordinary that weren’t just a year ago.

  • When we find an activity in which we can all participate that also lets boys be rambunctious boys, we get elated. For instance, when we saw that Brian could sort-of be soccer goalie, we were ecstatic. When we determined that Daddy could still be pitcher in baseball, we were delighted. When we determined that we could play catch in our family room with a nerf or toy basketball or football in the dead of winter, we were euphoric. When Brian realized he could still show the boys how to properly punch while they jumped off the ottoman, he was in a moment of zen.

  • When Brian has a good day of speech and can efficiently read a book to the boys or have a non-laborious telephone conversation, it is a special moment.

  • Teaching our kids more about faith, seeing them “get it” and hearing their perspective is amazing.

  • We spend A LOT of time together, just the 4 of us. It is precious and valuable time.

  • Small events/gatherings with our extended family are extraordinary to us.

  • When Brian easily climbs to the summit of a hill or staircase, it is a good moment to us.

  • Every holiday is momentous in our eyes.

  • A board game or any activity that gets us all together without the use of a screen becomes a special and meaningful memory to us.

  • Looking through photos and videos of life so far makes us realize how truly blessed we have been.

  • Victories for us are times that Brian conquers speech, handles a tool without help, raises his arm with little effort, walks without much a limp, you get the idea.

  • Fishing is spectacular time to Brian us.

  • Watching kids ride tractors, climb trees, feed cows and fish at Grandparents’ - WOW!

  • Time at our folks’ houses – remarkable! (both live in oases, though, so that is kind of cheating)

  • Watching the world go by at its ridiculous fast pace with over-extended schedules for adults and children makes us sit back and enjoy the simplicity of our own schedules, realizing that we get to enjoy EACH OTHER while this moment lasts.


Basically, all of life’s little luxuries are moments that we try to cherish. This is not to say that we snap a picture and have a celebration each time, or that we don’t often forget and take the above things for granted, or that we are special because we cherish these moments. Many people cherish the small things. Cancer just makes us sometimes gaze at each other, breath in the moment and declare the time spectacular and good. Times when we might otherwise just wish it away for the next step or phase. Times when we might not see how truly special the moment is because it might be considered small and insignificant. These are the times to remember and cherish.

I apologize for the poor writing style today. This being serious all week is getting taxing! I was a bit all over the place with this post. It is hard to put this part of our lives in words without making us seem boastful or condescending, and we don’t live this way all the time. We just have a constant reminder to "stop and smell the roses.” (Thought I would continue with bad metaphors and clich├ęs since I am in such a rut tonight.)


  1. Thanks for the reminder of how important the little moments are. I think you are very brave to share what it is like to live your life. Thanks again for the words!


  2. Hi Angie. I also needed this reminder to always keep a perspective on the truly important and precious things in our lives. I'm sorry for what is going on in your life, but it sounds to me like you have a strong family and are doing the best you can do. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers - Take care. Kellan

  3. Beautiful writing, Angie! I always need the reminder to live in the moment and be enjoy everything, the mundane and the etraordinary.
    Thank you!!