Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Scientifically Funny

One thing I noticed when we were in Europe was that despite language barriers, God created certain reactions to be a natural reflex. I would glance through a crowd and notice a look of despair in a furrowed brow or genuine sadness in someone’s tears. I also noticed that smiling and laughter are just reflexive to something that warms the spirit or tickles the funny bone. Hand gestures meant different things in different countries and the meaning of words could not be assumed based on spelling, but a frown and a smile meant sadness or happiness. What caused the laughter or frown, I have no idea, but I loved that certain emotions were expressed by reflex across the world.

I like to laugh. Brian likes to laugh. I like to listen to Brian laugh. I love the sound of children laughing. I just love laughter. Brian says I make him laugh. Usually, when he says this it is because I have intentionally done something that I thought would amuse him. On occasion, he just laughs at my misfortune, my absent-mindedness, my clumsiness or my misuse of words (I don’t have Brian’s extensive vocabulary, so occasionally I try to impress by using unexpected words, often incorrectly), but that is not the norm. One day I told him I was glad that I could provide laughter into his life if nothing else, but I wish I were funnier.

Me: I am envious of people who are so witty and funny without trying. I want to be funny. I have to think about it first and half the time things aren’t funny when you’re trying.
Brian: That is because we are both engineers.
Me: (hmmpf). Speak for yourself.
Brian: You ARE an engineer, you know.
Me: (a little huffy) Brian, we are about as non-engineer as you can get. We are engineers by education only. Neither of us is an engineer by trade or experience in the workforce.
Brian: The fact that you just said proves you are still an engineer.
Me: (a little huffier) Are you saying that just because I analyzed whether or not we are engineers by stating facts in a case against our engineering-ness is engineer-y?
Brian: Ummm…Yeessss…
Me: (Realizing my nerdometer has just topped out) Okay, you have a point. Are then engineers not funny as a norm?
Brian: Are you serious? (We both laugh at the absurdity of it.)

I guess we’ll both just always have to work at it.


  1. You sound like me with trying to use big words.I will try and then my hubby politley informs me I used that word completly wrong or mispronounced it. I know he is laughing on the inside but is too nice to laugh directly at me!! =)

  2. Angie I think you are HILARIOUS! Really! and also very smart! :)

  3. And, as an engineer myself, I totally understood everything you said. And I think you are funny. I recall many times when we roomed together where you cracked me up, and it wasn't because I was UI.

  4. I did a post not long ago abuot my BIL and how he is just naturally funny and how he loves to laugh at his own stuff, that he doesn't even need anyone to acknowledge his humor that he just knows he's funny and he loves his own jokes - he is funny too! I love to see a funny person whip out those funny lines, my BIL has that gift. I am only really funny in my head and I can tell a funny story and I am funny around the right people, but I do not have the gift your are talking about. I wish I did - it is amazing to watch. Take care. Kellan

  5. I think you are darn funny! I think much humor comes from honesty, and you are one of the most honest bloggers that I know and adore!

  6. Statements like "...by stating facts in a case against our engineering-ness is engineer-y?" and "Realizing my nerdometer has just topped out" ARE ABOUT AS FUNNY AS THE COME!! Ya got me laughing out loud over here! nerdometer... LOLOLOL!