Sunday, December 9, 2007

Romantic Results

Well, my "what do you find romantic" poll results are in and I could not help but analyze a bit. This is what I was always paid to do in my previous jobs. Collect facts and figures, chart and analyze them for some arbitrary deadline so the powers that be could do nothing with the findings unless the results were particulary unfavorable and my group was that month's scapegoat. I figure this is good practice for when I return to the workforce.

The majority of the poll participants are cheap like me find the simple things romantic.
A leisurely stroll - holding hands - 15 out of 21

A lot of participants must either have small children or annoying teenagers.
Any uninterrupted time together - 10 out of 21

A large majority of participants are obviously North American revolving life around food.
Candlelight dinner – 12 out of 21

At least two participants were male. Or females currently trying to conceive.
Anything leading to s-- - 2 out of 21

Aunt Vicki must have participated in the poll
Jewelry – 1 out of 21

There is a One Green Party candidate trying to skew results.
None of these – 1 out of 21

By the way, in my career, I worded things a little differently.


  1. Hi again :)

    You left such an awesome comment for me, and I wanted to thank you for reading my blog - and commenting!!

    You seem like an amazing woman, you have a lot of strengh, and your blog is excellent! Glad to meet you :)

    Piper of Love

  2. Aunt Vicky! Too funny! Green party candidate? You're good!