Friday, December 7, 2007

3's a Crowd

On Thursday mornings, I keep my 3-year-old nephew, Brody. I love being able to see and spend time with Brody. Brody enjoys coming and playing with his cousins close to his age. My boys anxiously await Brody on Thursday mornings. It is a fun situation for all of us. However, something happens to my boys upon Brody’s arrival…

They morph into the most annoying beings on the planet.

Suddenly, there is a constant competition for either my or Brody’s attention, it appears. They seem to test who can be the loudest, who can have the most needs, who whines the most, who hits the hardest, who succeeds in destroying the most household goods, who spills or throws the most food and drink, who can be the cruelest, and who uses the words “butt,” “poop,” “fart” & “pee” the most before I say something. It is not Brody who does this. It is only my boys. That is why I have surmised it must be some sort of a masculine ritual establishing a rank and hierarchy amongst themselves with a foreigner. From what I can tell, it must work in the male species because they giggle, encourage each other, antagonize each other and seem to respect each other in the end for their efforts. For me, as the female, it just makes my ears hurt, my senses numb, my tolerance level depleted, and my compassion nonexistent.



  1. Angie, this happens when my daughter has a friend over, except her little brother is the one competing for attention. I've had friends tell me that having other kids over makes the job easier b/c they entertain each other...uh, no.
    Not in our family. Maybe if they both had their own separate friends, that might be different.

  2. Oh, and you asked me earlier where I got the idea for the "encyclopedia of me". It came from a blog called Bella Dia. If you go back to the "A" post, you'll find the link. Also, I've only been blogging since October.
    So far, it's fun but exhausting. I spend waaaay too much time on the computer.
    ;-) Pinky