Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aw, shucks.

I have received my first blog award. For those of you who don't know what these are, often they are acknowldegments passed on from fellow bloggers who enjoy your blog and wish to recognize you in some way. My good (REAL LIFE) friend, Heather, at Three Boys and Me has given me the following award and I am truly honored. Heather is extremely bright (I can say that because I actually know her irl) witty and talented. For an engineer, Heather, you are an amazing writer. Her blog is full of life's funny moments from being the only female in a house of 3 boys (between the two of us, we have 4 boys spanning 2 years)

I am passing on the award to some of my favorite bloggers, as well.

Cheese in My Shoe - Pinky is simply real and I look forward to hearing what her little ones are up to on a regular basis. Check out her post explaining the name of her blog.

On the Upside - Kellan is nothing short of delightful. (Oh yeah, and talented, and funny, and inspirational, etc.)

Hollywood Flakes - Hollywood and family are too funny not to check out on a regular basis. I especiallly love her videos.

Crazy Bloggin Canuck - Amber is a Canadian outdoor adventurist turned Colorado mother. Having lived in both Colorado and Alberta myself for a many years and having young children myself, I always relate to Amber's witty posts.


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  1. Oh my goodness! Angie, thank you!!
    I've been a little bit down about the blog thing lately, because I just haven't had the time I'd like to spend on it, but this makes me so happy!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your holiday and have a peaceful week.