Friday, December 28, 2007

Six White Boomers

We still have two Christmas celebrations to go. We have not even seen my family this holiday and won't until January. This can be confusing to kids. Grant has been showing signs of Seasonal Confusion this past week.

Those are his Halloween jammies and his Santa hat.

Also, about 2 weeks ago, when I awoke, I saw this out the front window in the neighbor's yard.

Upon first glance, I thought it was an Easter Bunny. The neighbors who are proudly displaying this yard art are Australian. While I know it is summer in Australia, I thought our Christmas holiday DATE still lined up. Upon closer observation we saw it was a kangaroo. Gavin and I were shoveling snow and saw the neighbor doing the same. We inquired about the kangaroo. In Australia, large white Kangaroos carry Santa's sleigh, 6 White Boomers, to be exact. Reindeer apparently only prefer the cooler Northern Hemisphere climate this time of year, so Santa unharnesses Donner, Blitzen and friends somewhere and exchanges them for the Boomers. We love learning about other traditions and cultures, so we all got a kick out of this. Our neighbor gave us a book and CD to borrow with a VERY catchy tune that the boys love to dance to. We have grown to love the neighbor Boomer and the boys run across the street to stand her back up every time the wind lays her on her side. In our neighborhood, that is often. By the way, yes, the Boomers fly. Here is the tune!



  1. Now that's interesting about that kangaroo - something I have never heard before - who would have thought?! I loved the thought of you looking out your window and thinking it was an Easter Bunny - HA. Take care. Kellan

  2. That's interesting. I'll have to ask Damien about it. He's never mentioned Boomers before. He probably didn't want to confuse the boys. Check out your bling over on my site.