Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adventures in Chinese cuisine

We went to dinner at a local Chinese food buffet the other night. The boys love the Chinese buffet because they love

  1. the fish tank
  2. getting out of their seats at any opportunity to help get ANYONE more food
  3. the soft serve ice cream
  4. the fortune cookies.

I had to laugh at two boys by the fish tank as I was walking around to get myself my third bowl of soup (the SOLE reason I love Chinese food). One came around the corner crying - hard - and the other was just watching him. The Dad asked, "what happened?" The non-cryer immediately piped in, "He hit me." They were not my boys, but they may as well have been as we replay that story about 10 times a day in my house. I will translate. Cryer was just pummeled by his brother for a crime he probably didn't even know he committed (an accidental shove, a playful tap or kick, etc.). Non-cryer knows he is about to get it, so he immediately defends his honor by stating "He hit me," knowing full well this is going to get him no where because the jury/judge (a.k.a. adult in charge) infers this as a statement of guilt automatically indicting Non-cryer since it defies logic. Doesn't matter. He always tries it anyway. I had to laugh that it wasn't my boys this time.

Here were our fortune cookies:

Brian: 'It's high time for one of your most promising ideas.' (still waiting)

Angie: 'Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance.' (I couldn't agree more)

Grant (4-1/2): 'No one is standing in your way anymore, it is time to move forward.' We told him in Chinese this translates to "It is time to stop sucking your thumb. You are a big boy." He seemed to believe it and took his thumb out of his mouth.

Gavin (6): 'Remember the lion while hunting, never roars'. (This isn't the whole fortune, because he wouldn't let me keep it. Those of you who know Gavin know that he was keeping this 'special treasure' for his collection.)

We asked Gavin what he thought his meant.

Gavin: The lion ROARS!
Brian: It says 'The lion, while hunting NEVER roars.' Why wouldn't he roar?
Gavin: Because he is sleeping!
Brian: How can he be sleeping if he is hunting?
Gavin: He is sleeping in the jungle!
Brian : No, he is hunting, not sleeping. 'The lion, while hunting, never roars.' If he roared while he was hunting, his prey would hear it.
Me (knowing Gavin doesn't know what prey is): Gavin, the lion can't roar while he is hunting or else whatever he was trying to hunt and kill would hear him, so he NEVER roars, got it?
Gavin: Got it!
Me: Great! So what does it mean when it says, 'the lion, while hunting, never roars?'
Gavin: The lion never roars or else the hunters will hear him and get him. Right, Mama?
Me: Not exactly.
Gavin: I know I'm right.
Brian and me: (roll eyes, throw up hands and laugh to ourselves)
Grant: (Sucks his thumb.)

Good thing we don't believe in fortune-telling.



  1. Sometimes it's scary how similar our families are. Sounds like a fun time at the buffet. When you figure out how to get Grant to stop sucking his thumb, let us know. Luke won't stop either. He stopped for awhile to get his fish tank, but as soon as he had the fish he started up again knowing that I would be too soft to take his fish away.

  2. I love fortune cookies! Actually I hate the cookies but love reading the fortunes!! We don't believe either but it is still really fun.


  3. I love kid logic. Hey, he's got a point about the hunters. I know if I was huntin lions, I'd follow the roar. Lions are smarter than we make them out to be, y'know?

  4. Cute story about the fortune cookies. We love our buffet chinese restaurant too - the kids love it as well. See you soon. Kellan

  5. OK, now I'm craving Chinese food!