Thursday, December 20, 2007

Floss Patrol

I couldn't think of a good name for today's post. Naming the post and ending the post are the hardest parts.

Brian and I had dentist appointments this week. Every time we go to the dentist, I come home on a floss kick. I don't floss every day. I know I should, but I don't. I have very tightly spaced teeth, so even with the gliding floss, it snaps against my gums, causing pain, bleeding and discomfort. If I floss regularly, my gums build up a resistance and it doesn't hurt as much. I usually get busted at the dentist with the inevitable,
"Have you been flossing?"
"Not really."
"You really should."
"I know."
So, in the weeks just before and just after my dentist appointments, I get on flossing kicks. During this time, I harass Brian about his lack of flossing. He NEVER flosses. N.E.V.E.R. AND THEY NEVER SAY ANYTHING TO HIM ABOUT IT AT THE DENTIST. We were talking in the car after the "quiet, please" experience about his dentist appointment that day.

Brian: Oh, by the way. I totally got busted on the flossing thing.
Me: Oh, yeah? I bet. How did they know? Did your gums bleed or something?
Brian: No.
Me: How did they know then?
Brian: Well, she asked me, and I didn't lie; I said, "no." But it was pretty obvious.
Me: What do you mean? How could it be obvious?
Brian: Well, she went in with the floss and pulled out a big piece of popcorn.
Me: Gross.
Brian: Yeah, totally busted. (laughing)
Me: (laughing, then thinking) When was the last time you HAD popcorn anyway?
Brian: (laughing harder) Like 2 or 3 days ago!
Me: Nice. I kiss that mouth

I, of course, was planning to blog about this and before we went to bed that night, he saw the wheels turning in my head.

Brian: You know, just because I tell you something doesn't make it common knowledge.
Me: I know, but I have made you out to be a saint lately and this is blogworthy.
Brian: I am going to stop telling you stuff.
Me: Brian, I would never post your inner most thoughts, our deep conversations, or things that happen "in the bedroom." But the inner most particles between your teeth, Babe, are public domain.

I bet he is wishing he would have told me "in the bedroom" instead of the car.


(BTW, I have to say that flossing for Brian is hard becauase his right hand cannot hold that tiny piece of string tightly anymore)


  1. Too funny. I am exactly the same way. I HATE to floss (must be a family thing). Just like you I am very diligent about it the weeks before and right after I go to the dentist. This seems to be helping because they quit asking me about. In fact I've been getting compliments on how will I must be flossing!

  2. funny post. thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  3. I am so with you on the flossing thing...a few weeks before and then again after! My next appointment is in January and I just hopped on the wagon again flossing every night. It is so gross because I hate the taste of blood in my mouth after I brush my teeth - I pretty much have to brush all over again!

  4. This is a funny story!! But ... keep flossing - take it from me - who just went through some serious gum surgery this past summer - FLOSS! Take care. Kellan

  5. That is funny! My hubby thinks I share too much info about him too!

  6. Try using the reach flosser stick. It works really great and Brian can use his good hand for it. Plus my kids can use it by themselves just fine too.