Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Because of Cancer... Things Angie never thought she'd do

Today’s blog is about things cancer has caused me to do that I never thought I would. I would like to preface this blog by sharing a typical situaton between Brian and me to demonstrate to you a bit of my personality.

Me: “Brian, would you please get the ketchup and put it on the table for dinner.”
Brian (while sitting in his chair): “Sure.”
Brian: (keep sitting in chair watching whatever he is watching)
Me (keep preparing dinner or whatever else I am doing for all of about 90 seconds)
Me: (get ketchup out and put on table)
Brian: (getting out of his chair and looking at table seeing ketchup): “I thought you wanted me to get the ketchup and put it on the table?”
Me: “I did, but I had time so I just did it myself.”
Brian: “I was going to do it, you know.”
Me: “I know, but I was walking by the fridge, so I just did it myself. No biggie. Thanks.”
Brian: “Now you’re gonna be mad at me for not getting the ketchup.”
Me: “No I am not.” … But really… sometimes… I am…

So, you see, SOMETIMES, I take matters into my own hands JUST A TAD before need be.

In the two years before Brian’s recurrence, Brian had a job that required a lot of travel. During that period I started to partake in some of these chores. However, after Brian’s surgery in April of 2007, he lost some of the functions on his right side, making certain things too difficult or just not very practical (i.e., he can’t run or ride a bike. His right hand lacks the ability to hold small objects, etc.). At times, he finds himself a little tired to do certain things depending on his chemo cycles. So, I started to help out more or take over altogether, perhaps when it wasn’t even necessary. Here are some examples of things cancer has caused me to do and what I think of them:

  • I try to make sure my boys have enough masculine threats and abuse in their lives. Suddenly, I say things to my boys like, “Stop whining, or I’ll give you a swirley(wedgie/noogie/insert grotesque activity). You sound like a little girl.” What I think of this: Sometimes I take them upside down to the toilet (never putting their heads in it obviously) or pull their underwear up to their neckline or noogie them till they are crying ‘uncle.’ They love it. Who cares what I think of it.

  • I wrestle. The boys call it fight, wrestle, war, whatever. What I think of this: I hate it. I almost always end up taking a knee to the boob. That is when it ends. They love it. Brian appears to be back from retirement. Hopefully, this gets me out of the ring for a while.

  • I am remarkably honest with the kids about sickness, death, dying and hardship. What I think of this: Incredibly difficult. Kids aren’t supposed to know about stuff like that, let alone live it. However, their brilliant, innocent insight gives me an amazing perspective.

  • I play sports more. Due to my less than stellar performance and my particular lack of enthusiasm, I used to be all-time goalie while they both wanted to be on Daddy’s team. Now, they still want to be on Daddy’s team, but Daddy is usually goalie. What I think of this: I stink at sports, still. Boys are too competitive. I’d rather cheerlead.

  • I tamper with electricity. I know how to wire an outlet, a phone, a light fixture, a switch, and even THREE-WAY switches. What I think of this: Those 12 gage wires are callus-causers and nail-breakers. It stinks trying to push all those wires back in a tiny electrical box without disconnecting any, but when all is said and done, I MADE SOMETHING WORK!

  • I hang the outside Christmas lights. What I think of this: I think we may not have outside Christmas lights next year. It is cold, tedious and makes your fingertips ache.

  • I use power tools. Brian needs help stabilizing the saw, drill, and nail gun, or at least the accessories for them. What I think of this: Power tools take up a ton of room, make a lot of noise and are a huge nuisance to get out and put away. (I can cook and clean up dinner for 4 in less time than it takes to set up and take down and get out all the accessories for these tools.) I do like the sense of accomplishment from creating/building/making, but if I’m being honest, I’d rather call my dad.



  1. That post really makes me appreciate John and all of the things he does that I would really not like doing. But don't tell him that.

  2. It must have been tough but you are strong and when you believe you can do it, you will definitely do it.

    Nice blog title: Keep believing