Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A theory in Relativity

I have had so many people say to me they feel so guilty complaining about their own issues or problems once they learn more about ours. Serious cancer can do that to people. Everything is relative. To me, most of the time, it isn’t important that Brian doesn’t help clean a toilet. (EVER!) Or that he isn’t romantic or that he doesn’t help get the kids ready on Sunday morning or take an interest in our finances or whatever it may be. To me, those are not important issues due to our own life-threatening issues. When someone tells me they feel guilty thinking their own issues are taxing, I ALWAYS reply with, “Your issues and concerns are troublesome to YOU.” The fact that my issues or problems are bigger in someone else’s eyes doesn’t mean anything. I still pray for their requests and burdens the same way they pray for mine. However, sometimes someone’s problems can give us perspective on our own blessings. It is all relative.

For example, when I hear someone complain that their husband travels all the time or works long hours, I think, “At least Brian is home.” When I learn of a cheating spouse, I think, “At least Brian is devoted to me.” When I learn about poor, struggling families, I think, “At least God has covered our heads with a warm house and richly provided for our needs.” When I hear about other’s family issues, problems and rivalries, I think, “We have such a loving, supportive family. Thank God.” I don’t mean to belittle someone else’s problems any more than they wish to belittle mine. I pray for their needs, but their problems and issues make me thankful for what I have.

This week, my brother-in-law and sister found out that my brother-in-law lost his job. There is a lot of burden that comes with news like that at this time of the year and at this point in their lives. I didn’t tell Mindi, but I think, “Thank God Brian has a good job with insurance to keep providing for us.” Then I pray for their financial provision and Matt’s job situation. Mindi didn’t say the words to me, but I am sure she is thinking, “Thank God Matt is healthy with no major medical concerns.” I’m sure she continues to pray for a miracle recovery for Brian. That’s just the way life works.

Everything is relative.



  1. Angie,

    You always have a way to put things into a different light and made me think of things in a different way, I am thankful Matt and Logan don't have major issues and I know we will be just fine. I already talked with my boss about it all and he willing to help me in any way, whether that be getting on the insurnace here or helping me pay for cobra. God works in mysterious ways.


  2. What a great sisterhood you two share. I'm glad you are there for each other. Thank God for nice bosses. Mine let me up to 40 hours when John lost his job in July.

  3. Angie,

    I am glad that you have steared back to the blog. I enjoy coming out here and obtaining a glimpse into your world. Please know that I think of you guys often. I will be up in Chicago in mid-January and will reach out to you guys about a visitor or something for a day / evening. I am very familiar with the drive to Peoria from O'Hare. :-) Take Care!!