Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nativity Scene for Boys

The boys and I set up the Nativity Scene on our dining room table today. As we unwrapped each piece, I explained the siginificance and biblical accuracy of each person or animal. We then set them up in some sort of a logical and nicely laid out manner. This took some convincing because their favorite pieces were the camels and they wanted those in the stable right on top of baby Jesus. I finally convinced them that the camels should be off in the distance towards the head of the table since they actually didn't show up until baby Jesus was a toddler (biblical accuracy again). We finished our project and I went to display more Christmas decorations elsewhere in the house. I heard them playing near the nativity scene and I thought I would just go back and peek on them to see what they had re-arranged.

This is what they did:

Here is a birds eye view:

Some of you may not recognize these parties from your more traditional nativity scenes, so I will explain. That is Little Dude - the Black Bear Webkinz that Gavin has ALL THE TIME. That is some blue Dolphin laying ON TOP of baby Jesus. They tell me Dolphin is licking Baby Jesus - I chose not to ask any more questions about that one. Also, if you look closely, you can see that they are both holding Batman on top of the stable near the angel. Earlier Batman was hiding in the stable protecting Baby Jesus from the Joker and Bane. I guess he needed to do some roof surveillance, too. I am now going to go read my Bible to see where I can find the passage about the Joker.


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  1. Hilarious! At least they were playing nicely together. Whenever our nativity scene pieces disappear, I know to look for them in Luke's bed. He likes to sleep with the animals.