Monday, November 26, 2007

Did you know I could read?

We had some breakthroughs in our house recently. Gavin, our 6-year-old Kindergartener, is beginning to read. He has memorized over 20 sight words. To emphasize this memorization, I have him read all the sight words that he should know when we do our stories at night. However, on Sunday night, I got out our “Bob Books Now” set. This has sight words and basic word sentences such as: “Mac sat. Mat sat. Mac sat on Sam.” etc. Each book introduces a new letter; therefore a new sound. Gavin read lots of new words simply by sounding them out. He was frustrated at first, but as he would get it correct, he would read it again and again, feeling very proud. He did just great and I lathered him with praise (Gavin needs praise). What a breakthrough for him. Grant, our 4 year old, is picking up a lot of sight words as a result of this work with Gavin, but getting angry that he doesn’t get a long story at night as often.

Today at the hardware store, while buying new Christmas lights, Gavin, of course, had to use the bathroom. We went to where the facilities were located and I told them that one was the boys and this one was the girls. Go in whichever. He went into the boys. Grant looked up at the doors and our conversation went like this:

Grant: “That one is boys and this one is girls?”
Me: “Yes”
Grant: “M-E-N and W-O-M-E-N?”
Me: “Yes”
Grant: “Did you know that I just readed that?” (Yes, he said ‘readED’)
Me: “What did you read?”
Grant: “That sign.”
Me: “I know, but what does it say?”
Grant, pointing to the WOMEN sign: “Girls” and pointing to the MEN sign: “boys”
Me: “Actually, this says women and that says men. M-E-N spells men and W-O-M-E-N spells women” stressing the mmm sound in men and the www sound in women.
Grant: “Women? And Men?”
Me: “Yes, you didn’t actually read ‘boys’ and ‘girls’, you spelled women and men”
Grant: “Women… that’s kind of weird.”
Me: “What is so weird about it”
Grant: “Cuz, girls’ farts are the stinkiest!” He then proceeded to run down the aisle as fast as he could and slide as far as he could on his knees between the paint and the fertilizer.

When I told Brian the story later, he stated, “Well it’s true. Girl farts are stinky.” Yes, breakthroughs, indeed!



  1. And, why would they think that with only one girl in the house? I love the Bob books.

  2. Someone in the house must take after their father.