Sunday, November 25, 2007

After the Turkey

Well, Thanksgiving is over. I am not going to write much today as I feel a need to catch up on some sleep and some alone time with my hubby. We often feel after a holiday or a vacation with family that we have barely seen each other since we left the house. Today is no different.

Unfortunately, we lost a relative over the holiday - Brian's sort-of step grandpa (long story) and the only great-grandpa the boys have ever known, albeit a little bit. While we are saddened at this loss, Elliott lived a LONG AND VERY FULL life here on this earth impacting MANY.

On a totally separate note, it was FANTASTIC to see everyone. Lots of family - some I haven't seen in over two years or close to to it. Every year some of my mom's extended family (she is one of 11 and there are 22 first cousins and 32 offspring of first cousins on that side alone) get together for Thanksgiving, and every other year we spend Thanksgiving with my mom and dad. The other years we spend it with Brian's mom and dad. My family gives me PLENTY of things to talk and write about and that will be coming in the next few days.

We actually got home from my parents before bedtime this evening. When we arrived in Peoria, there was a speckle of spit of snow on the ground. I could NOT believe how excited the boys were. Gavin, the 6 year old, was literally giggling with glee pronouncing that this was his first snow. Are you kidding me? I have pictures of him playing in snow for the last 6 winters. He took snow skiing lessons the last two years. We did not see our front lawn last year from the middle of October until April due to snow pack and coverage in Edmonton. He had to wear snow pants and boots to school every day during that time. Where was he? Regardless, he and Grant bundled up in whatever gloves, hats, snow pants, snow boots and coats they could find. It was 34 F degrees, they looked ridiculous, and they were driving me nuts as we were trying to unload and get things put away, but they had a ball. I do think, however, the entire point was to justify a request for marshmallow topped hot chocolate. They got it, of course.

I also put up the Christmas tree, and we will decorate it tomorrow after I buy new lights. The little twinkle lights I have blow fuses every year. This year I am scrapping them and starting new. We have little for Christmas traditions. One we have had for our entire marriage, however, is that I put the tree up by myself until the boys put on ornaments and garland. Brian is NEVER involved. This was never by choice. In fact, I can remember many years of realizing upon completion that he either watched me the entire time or watched football while I worked for an entire day adding Holiday cheer to our home. Today, he asked me if I needed help putting up the tree. I simply looked at him dumbfounded and said "I think I am good. I usually do this part solo. Um.... in fact, I am shocked at the offer.... Really.... I just don't even know what to do with that." He said, "I know, I don't know what I am thinking. I'm a little surprised at myself." We kept our tradition. I managed to get the tree up while Brian resurrected his fallen IPOD (another story) and the boys watched a little TV enjoying their hot chocolate. Due to my long-standing tradition of solo assembly I have become particular about putting up the tree. We have a fake one and I like it to look a certain way before we destroy it with Scooby Doo ornaments and other atrocities that give it the character the boys LOVE!

Well, in true Angie form, I have managed to say nothing and 'not write much' in about 2000 words and several paragraphs. Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving stories.


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  1. Jack and Luke can't wait for snow. We saw a little on the roof tops on the way to Jeff City and they were almost falling out of their car seats wanting to get at it. I like your tree tradition. Sounds a little like ours, only the tradition is I take down the tree by myself. John likes to help decorate it because he has all of his childhood ornaments.