Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Blogging for Angie

I have decided after spending too much time reading other people’s blogs to start treating my blog the way they were meant – a chance for me to vent and soapbox several times a week about whatever I wish while giving people an odd, eerie inside look to the everyday goings on in our lives realizing I am essentially airing dirty laundry for millions to view. How exciting – gives existentialism a new meaning. I will update more regularly about the mundane ins and outs of our lives for anyone who wishes to read- our spiritual ups and downs, our every day funnies and worries, and just how it is to be us. You can stop here if you don’t wish to hear the verbal diarrhea that is about to follow my new philosophy on this blog.

I am doing this for three main reasons. First of all, I don’t want to email updates about Brian’s health, as it is a large pain for me to do so. That is why I created the blog in the first place. Then I became lax about updating it, thinking people didn’t care or want to know what is going on with us if there wasn’t something major – a test or a doctor appointment coming up. Then I realized that NO ONE was checking the blog anymore since I wasn’t updating it on a regular basis. So, no one knew if something major WAS going on unless I emailed. So, to ensure that you will check it when there is something major, I am going to try to write something at least several times a week – no matter how trite – just to keep your attention, or at least, your curiosity. I thought the theme of my blog would be something like this – what it is like to live a normal, family of 4, suburban life in middle class Midwest America AFTER your husband has lost some of his basic capacities on the right side of this body WHILE having a life-threatening brain tumor constantly threatening your existence. – short, catchy, and up-lifting, eh?

The second reason I am doing this is to keep kind of a memoir for myself. I am doing it for my boys and for my family. It is a way for me to capture in cyberspace immortality the silly, serious, goofy, problematic, troublesome and fun things that we do, say and go through everyday as a family. So, just to get my point across, I don’t care too much if anyone reads this or not. You do not hurt my feelings. I have my own selfish motives regardless of popularity.

The last reason I am doing this is that I LOVE TO TALK! I love to say lots and lots of words. I cannot type as fast as I talk and I have to think more before I type, so this is a way for me to talk to myself and mentally edit before writing down so no one thinks I am crazy. It is also a way for me to learn to organize my thoughts a bit and hone my writing skills by using fewer words than my mouth wants to use. In the same way that I glaze over when Brian tries to explain what the mechanic did to fix the car, Brian and the boys glaze over when I try to talk to the extent that I WANT to talk. This way, everyone wins.

So, stay tuned if you wish. Every once in a while, I will keep you apprised of Brian’s health, doctor’s appointments, results and our prayer requests.



By the way, if anyone wants to know one of the blogs I check regularly, here is my good friend, and old college roomate, Heather's witty, creative blog about rasing young boys: 3boysundermyroof.blogspot.com


  1. Thank you for updating this blog again, Angie. I DO CARE and constantly wonder about you guys and not just about Brian's health, but your health too - mentally, physically, emotionally and spritually. I look forward to being able to share your burdens, joys and triumphs and anything else you care to post with lots of prayer. I think of you often and still miss seeing you at the preschool and LMO (we still pray for you guys on Thursday mornings BTW!)

  2. I'm blushing. Thanks for the link to my blog, and thanks for updating yours. We miss you guys and would love to read about your day-to-day lives. I've found that, since I started writing my blog, I feel a whole lot less guilty about not creating scrapbooks or memory books for my boys. The blog is taking care of that for me. I look forward to reading yours! Happy Thanksgiving.