Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Warriors

This past weekend, my sister, Mindi, her husband, Matt, and their 3-year-old, Logan, came for a visit. As always, we had a most splendid time - a few beers, Euchre, late nights, reassembling our trampoline (worked out for us anyway - another story), a little bowling and lots of good food (all made by me this time - I just realized we didn't go out at all did we, Min?) They had spent the 3 nights prior to their visit here banished from their own house due to a major ice storm that hit their town and landed them without power for 48 hours. By Sunday, they were gravely missing their own bed and their house. About an hour before they were going to depart, the boys were getting rather wild and Gavin decided he wanted to go outside to play. I suggested they jump on the reassembled trampoline. Grant and Logan decided to follow. It was windy, wet and cold that morning, so I suggested wearing snow pants. Mindi was hesitant due to the conditions and commented they would need another bath if they got into the mud. I assured her they would be fine – worst case their outer layers get a wee bit muddy and wet on the trampoline. No big deal. I gave Mindi a pair of snowpants and an old coat for Logan so he wouldn't get his own all wet before their 4-5 hour car ride. We bundled the kids and sent them out back. Within minutes, we noticed no jumping, but lots of little-boy mischeivious shrieking. Here is what they decided to do instead:

Mom, you don't need to go to the spa, I've got a mud wrap right here for you.

Look, I've already done my backside. This will be REALLY easy to launder, btw!

Grant, you are supposed to take those off before you come IN, not OUT! Oh and thanks for shoe laundry to add to my regular laundry and now outerware laundry!
Gavin, this would really look good on your face!

Here let me show you!

Oh! That Gavin and Grant are always so NAUGHTY! I would never get that muddy!

Never say NEVER!

Yes, they all needed another bath on Sunday afternoon! Sorry, Matt and Mindi, but I think they had a good time!



  1. Little boys can not resist mud! Looks like they had a great time1

  2. It looked like they had a GREAT GREAT time.. something I bet they always talk about.. "remember the day we flung mug?? " :)

  3. Good for you for rolling with it. They will remember it forever, especially since you have such great pics.

  4. Boys will be boys!! Cute pictures and good memories!


  5. I'm sure Logan was de-energized for the car ride home.

  6. That is so boy. Love the pictures.

  7. Gotta love boys!

    As much of a tomboy as I was as a kid, I still would have NEVER done that!

  8. The last time I saw that much mud was during a college fraternity touch football game. I can't imagine now having to deal with the clean up afterwards. Different perspective as a Dad.

  9. Boys and mud. Mud and boys. Ahh, but what great fun and photos!

  10. Mud + boys= best time EVER! Although, I'd probably have thrown all their outerwear away because I'm too lazy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Great pictures, fun and memories. Thanks for sharing. I needed a smile and a giggle. ;o)