Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 1, Feb 21

I am participating in my first Thursday Thirteen. I don’t know if I have enough creativity to participate weekly, but this week, I felt inspired.

This week’s thirteen is Thirteen Reasons Why I THINK I Am Not Losing Weight:

1) I like this,

but only with this in it.

2) I like this,

but only with lots of these in it.
3) I like this too much.
4) I am beginning to think if I eat something off someone else’s plate (e.g. the last ¼ of those 2 pieces of pizza, the last few bites of the abandoned pop-tart, etc.) it still counts towards MY calorie intake.

5) This forecast which is a depiction of the last 2-1/2 months of actual weather has precluded much outdoor metabolic boosting activity.
6) My sister, whom I am beginning to think is a B with an itch, introduced these addictive little buggers.
7) I really like these A LOT but only with # 1.

8-10) Even in moderation, these guys have a LOT of calories

11) I am beginning to think, also, that standing and panting on the side of the treadmill as the belt whizzes by does not count towards those total miles ran and calories burned.

12) Due to #5, we have not been able to use this, which causes me to use more of this for sauces and flavor.
13) I spend way too much time on this.



  1. Those are great! And oh so true for me, too! Except Wasabi Peas- I've never been able to handle wasabi(way too hot/spicy/something..)
    Happy 1st T13! Hope you'll join us every week!

  2. Well done.

    My list would include, at number one, the evil treat that is Cadbury mini-eggs. How is one supposed to resist the seasonal tastiness?!

  3. Bravo for your first TT!! I loved this list!! And those Wasabi peas.. YUMMY!! Love them.

  4. Nice work! I wouldn't be able to do Thrusday Thirteen on a weekly basis, either. Way too much creativity required.

    But maybe you'll be inspired every week!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not participating in that one. My list would look bad (but the alcohol would only be one item-Kahlua). The rest is just junk in general.

  6. Oh man! I can relate to just about all of these minus the alcohol! Especially the wasabi peas and oreos.....*sigh* and I totally eat the left over pizza scraps from my daughters plate :(

  7. You are too funny!!! So you mean to tell me that watching the treadmill go doesn't count as exercise? CRAP!!!!!!


  8. Never tried those peas...but I can down some Milk! :)

  9. Oh my. I have the same problem with finishing other's food. I'll see there's a few bites left on my kids' plates, and I tell my self sternly, "You are NOT going to eat that. DON'T do it." Sometimes, I think I'm saying this in my head AS I'm shoving it in my mouth. Oh well.

    Cute post.

  10. mmmmmm....milk and oreos.....I, uh, gotta go now.

  11. YAY!! There is another grown up out there that likes chocolate milk! LOVE IT! I have to have a glass every night.

  12. This was really fun. My husband's whole family does the craziest thing about food. They a cookie or cake on the counter and then each time they walk by they just take a little piece. By the end of the hour, day, etc. it is all gone from all those little pieces, but it doesn't seem to count if you just took a little piece at a time! Me, just give me a big, honking piece so I can ENJOY. I love the treadmill comment too...maybe you could use your computer while standing beside the whizzing belt...

  13. We appear to have the same dieting problem! LOL!

  14. What a crack up. Maybe they should change the name of Fat Tire to Spare Tire?

  15. I guess if watching the treadmill run doesn't count, then neither does picking the clothes off of the handles before watching it? Dang. Why didn't somebody tell me that sooner??? lol!

    Great post! Can't wait to see your next TT.