Friday, February 15, 2008

I wore makeup yesterday- Friday Leap #2

Jim at Busy Dad Blog and Christine at Chicken Fried Therapy and Piper at Bliss in Bloom birthed a concept for Friday posts in February – Leap of Faith Friday . The idea is to do something in your life that you would not ordinarily do, something that is out of your comfort zone and then post about it on Fridays. My leap today is to share some embarrassing information about myself.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I had ordered suggested to my hubby not to spend money on me since we are in a budget crunch this year and we don’t have lots to spare. So, my super-sweetie simply disregarded said orders and surprised me with a splendid spa certificate, SWEET! (just wanted to see how many /s/ sounds I could get in there.) I got him a singing Hallmark card that plays a Johnny Cash song. Feeling a bit sheepish about the one-sidedness of the deal, I decided to greet him after a hard day’s work showered, shaven, perfumed, hair blown dry and face made-up with a nice dinner. Seemed only fair to even the scales: Day at the Spa = Johnny Cash singing card with a good smelling wife and kitchen. Yup, all’s fair now.

Anyway, in my every day life, I rarely fix my hair and the only make-up I wear (if any) is a quick swipe of blush on the apples of my cheeks and one pass of mascara on my lashes. (I hate the way my eyes look without mascara (tired and sad)) Yesterday, however, I applied base, mascara, blush, bronzer, lip gloss AND eyeshadow! This really is a Christmas and Easter rarity around here these days, folks. However, there is one problem with this. Foundation/base suddenly makes any facial hair I may have more apparent.

My sister, God love her, about 4 years ago brought facial and strange neck hairs into reality in my life. I still hate her for this. She once asked me as she stretched out her neck looking to the sky if she had any neck hairs.

Mindi: What? Don’t you get them?
Me: OMG! No I don’t get NECK hairs! Nasty!
Mindi: Let me see.
Me: (looks up)
Me: LIAR! Where?
Mindi: Right there.

And there it was. A lone, misplaced whisker growing under my chin mocking me and convincing me the next step was transformation into The Fly. Thanks to this revelation, I am paranoid about neck hairs but haven’t noticed any in quite some time. I now attribute this to non-make-up camoflauge. Without cosmetics, they blend and hide amidst the aging, splotchy skin.

As I left the house yesterday, all beautified and smelling good, to head to my first stop - the Kindergarten Valentine party - I realized I forgot to get prizes for the games. So, I detoured to Dollar Tree for some 6-year-old delights and took a quick look in the rearview mirror to admire my lovely, shaded brows and pouty lips. I was wearing sunglasses (first day in a LONG time we had enough sun to warrant shades), so when I looked in the mirror, I was instead greeted with not one, but TWO mocking neck hairs. Nice! My trip to the Dollar Store netted an 8 pack of play-dough, a 12 pack of pencils (lesson learned, by the way, only give Kindergartners ONE option if you expect to leave the room with any dignity), AND a pair of tweezers, which I will NOW carry in my purse at all times.

My final leap of faith this Friday is sharing the humiliating picture of myself (yes, that I took with this blog in mind - pathetic, I know) plucking the hairy little demons from my otherwise feminine neck in the Dollar Tree parking lot.



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  2. I completely and utterly understand. What the heck is going on? I hate how my body is changing.. so strange. :-(

  3. I wouldn't dare take a pic from that angle. My nose hairs would reach out and grab the camera.

  4. Now this is a sign of a TRUE blogger - the picture taken in the parking lot of the Dollar General! I don't know how I have managed to escape the dreaded chin hairs (so far) as I have all the other awful woes - but I do want to say that no one would ever notice yours past your beauitufl face.

    Have a good weekend Angie - see you later. Kellan

  5. Oh I soo hear your pain... Loved the leap of faith!!

  6. Oh, my. I'm so GLAD I don't have any embarassing whisker-like hairs on MY neck. Now THAT would be REALLY embarassing. Oh, wait...damn.

  7. Now you have me worrying about neck hairs! Oh, crap.

    Blog Hopping-HP

  8. You know I have chin hairs! But I have never thought to take a picture of them! :) You are a true blogger!

    Did your husband appreciate the make-up and fixed hair?

  9. I have been living with tweezers in my purse/glove box/utility drawer for years now.

    Be glad your SIL clued you in--I've seen women that haven't figure it out yet (or maybe don't care) and it ain't pretty!

    Lovely VDay present on both sides.

  10. Ahhh, your honesty inspires me to avoid all mirrors! Actually, my mom told me that I had a little mustache a few years ago. Thanks, mom! Just the morale booster I needed. I intentionally keep all bathrooms poorly lit with no magnifying mirrors anywhere around.
    Love ya!!

  11. I am an obsessive chin plucker. Seriously. I think they have treatment programs for it but every night when I lie down for bed, I must pluck. :-)

  12. I have a similar wild hair that grows on my right arm that completely grosses my hubby out. So, for that reason I grow Harry (as I so cleverly named it) nice and long and then point it out to him. I think Harry would never get past a tiny sprout if it were on my chin, though.

    Wow. I cannot believe I'm talking freely on the internet about my wild hair. Weird.

    You look great in all your pics. I wish I could look that fabulous without makeup. :)

  13. Wow. I'm completely amazed that so many other people have that chin hair problem too (me included.) I'm so relieved. I have 2 little demons that I keep a very close eye on. Ugh. The humiliation. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Yep, get little ones, too. The funny thing about this pic is your hair on the left side of your face hangs down just so that it looks like THOSE are the hairs you speak of. Go look at it again! I was like "OMG- how did she miss those?!" Then I realized my eyes were playing tricks on me- You can't see those little hairs!

  15. Hmm, I need to go check my chin now. I'm a little afraid.

  16. Good for you. I see no nose hairs in the picture, so you must have remembered to use your husband's nose hair trimmer. Or do you not get nose hairs?

  17. How funny!!! Apparently there a lot of us hairy chin folks out there!! :)