Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Cable Company Merge

Our cable provider, which is also our telephone (VOIP) and internet provider, has been bought out by Comcast. Since all corporate merges in the service industry are about providing the customer better service, *insert bull&#!% cough here* this is supposed to be good for us (actually ‘Comcastic for us’ if the brainwashing would have been successful) with a seamless transition. The last time a service provider in our area merged/was bought out by a giant, our utility rates skyrocketed by around 50%. So far with this merger, I have discovered in the next week I have to re-establish my voice mail, set up a new email account and notify everyone of my third email address change in less than a year. A new email address also means that every login website/online shopping site/etc I frequent has to be re-established or updated with a new email address.
I love seamless transitions.
Bring on the rate hike!


  1. It reminds me of that wonderful line from Fletch "You using the whole fist there, Doc?". By the way, I am slightly older than you and could not read the text on my blog post either. Just click on the photos and it opens them up so you can read them. I went back and posted instructions for those that "ahem" needed extra help figuring that out.

  2. Wouldn't it be easier to be brainwashed? Recognizing the bullshit makes life that much harder.

  3. Stinko!!!
    Sorry for all that trouble...we live in a small town and haven't been bought out by anything...sort of surprising.

    Consider doing what I did. I set up a yahoo address b/c then it's not tied to your IP...and you can check it anywhere there is computer access. Then if you go through any other changes, you won't have to change your email address.

  4. I hate stuff like that. Since you have nothing else to do you can now spend your time changing all that crap!!


  5. That is seriously something that would make me stomp my feet like a three year old would.. esp having to change my email address again.. UGH

  6. indeed. Consider a Gmail account or Yahoo, or hotmail or whatnot. As my goodness says you don't have to worry about those as much. And for what it's worth we have Comcast for internet (Vonage for phone, DirecTV for TV) and we have been pretty pleased with them. Hope it works out well for you.

  7. On behalf of Comcast I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the transition from your current provider. I do believe you will see some benefits as your services are transitioned to Comcast. I will not go into the benefits because it would sound like a sales pitch. We do understand the difficulties of transitioning services and we hope you to learn how this can be a benefit to you. If you do need assistance from my office, please feel free to reach out!

    Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

    Frank Eliason
    Comcast Executive Offices

  8. Oh no. We recently lost our Comcast (insert dancing here) for another company. It is a big pain to make the transition.

  9. At our house they are known as ComCrap. AT&T is marginally better in our area, so I can refuse to do buisness with CC. Good luck with your transition. You'll need it! ;o\