Friday, February 29, 2008

Do you like statistics?

If you are a statistics and numbers person like me, here are a few from the last two days here in our house:

104.3 = top thermometer reading of Grant’s temperature for the last two days.
4:30 = what time the thermometer reading occurred for the last two nights (a.m.)
6.2 = hours I have slept total in last 2 nights.
4= times I tried to sneak back into my own bed so I didn’t have to listen to stuffed-up, thumb-sucking Grant make both Homer and Maggie Simpson noises while I TRIED to drift into slumberland.
4 = times Grant came to my bed and asked me to come lay with him.
3= times in past two days Star Wars Episode III has aired in our basement for Grant.
1-2 = inches of FRESH STINKING SNOW ON THE GROUND THIS MORNING!!! Oh Spring, will you never reveal your face again? Why do you spite me so?
1 = cups of coffee spilt on new carpet by ME this morning. Can’t even blame a child and believe me, my crabby mommy powers are in FULL SWING ready to POUNCE!
0 = cups of coffee left in pot after Brian filled his to-go mug and left.
4 = people in this house
3 = people in this house affected by this high temp, sinus virus/flu epidemic thus far.
10 = fingers of remaining unaffected person (me) crossed praying I do not get this bug.
-1 = days remaining until last gallon of milk expires
7 = cups of milk my family goes through each day
1 = babysitters and nights out with husband I have to cancel due to sick child.



  1. 1 more = number of people hoping you don't succumb!

  2. 1 = Momma Roar willing to come over and give you a break if we lived closer! :)


  3. 21- number of days until spring is officially here!!

    Feel better soon!


  4. Oh, Angie. What a rough winter you've had. When do you get to take a night or two to yourself? I think it is in order!

  5. I am totally a statistics person and these ones made me wince for you - hope everyone's feeling better soon!

  6. I saw the 6.2 hours of sleep over the past two nights and totally wanted to cry for you..

    I hope everyone starts to feel better SOON!!


  7. "thumb-sucking Grant make both Homer and Maggie Simpson noises while I TRIED to drift into slumberland."
    if you changed grant to ellie, you described my night too. ugh. may the force be with you.

  8. OH no! Not again!

    Hope you manage to stay healthy!

  9. Oh the last one is the worst! So sorry...hope things get better.

  10. 1 person who can totally relate to the stress of sick kids combined with the longest winter...ever!!

  11. Angie, I hope it's getting better by now. Bless your heart. Winter sucks, illness sucks. I'm so sorry, friend. Please take a drive alone if you can...go to Starbucks and get a Venti Latte...enjoy yourself for at least a little while.
    Much love.

  12. Oh man, it is rough over there, here too!! I've got 3 out of 4 down for the count. And I myself am walking around in a surgical mask and my new best friend is my Purell hand sanitizer.

  13. 2 = the number of knees from which I'm sending up prayers for your family.