Friday, February 1, 2008

Some Less Obvious Reasons I Love Having Kids

I don’t watch the news. I blame my lack of current event knowledge on my children’s domination of the TV during news times. News times are before school, breakfast and dinner and everyone knows those are the witching hours. However, this isn’t really true. I actually HATE watching the news and really never did watch it. I prefer a quick summary via my cover-to-cover newspaper-reading father-in-law. I feel I get a quick fix every so often by flipping to CNN for about 20 minutes a week. I will OCCASIONALLY get on a news website. I AM curious as to who is leading the elections right now. I truly don’t know. Since I am usually the one blamed for things around our house, it is nice to be able to fault the children for this. Placing this blame on them has made me realize that there are several less obvious bonuses for keeping these little snot-on-their-shirt-sleeves, fruit-snack eating buggers around.

  1. Kid cereal.

  2. I can watch cartoons whenever I want… and I actually enjoy cartoons.

  3. I have cookies in the pantry at all times.

  4. I get to stay home during the day for the time being.

  5. I always have a willing party when I suggest Dairy Queen.

  6. I HAVE to take them tobagganing…and I like tobogganing.

  7. Blog material.

  8. I am always smarter than someone in the house… even if they think they know everything.

  9. Reason to go to Disney/Six Flags/Insert Theme Park of Choice

  10. Someone always loves to hear me sing.

  11. Keeping up with them keeps me relatively active.

  12. I always have a legitimate excuse for being unshowered.

  13. I can order my salad at McDonald’s, but still get a fry fix when I steal them from the boys’ Happy Meals.

  14. A built-in excuse for getting out of something, for running late, and for an un-kept house



  1. Amen! I am with you all the way!

  2. All very true. In addition to getting to go to theme parks,you also have an excuse for going on the little rides that don't freak you out and not the big ones that you are secretly scared of. If you were, you know, scared of big upside-down-type rides...

    Thanks very much for coming over to Scotland to comment on my wee blog too, Angie!

  3. Truly, I love that part of parenting. Getting to be a kid again, without looking like a complete lunatic.

  4. I've always considered still getting a "real summer," a huge bonus!

  5. I'm all in for #13 and #14! I use the "pardon my mess" excuse all the time.

  6. I loved this!!! I steal my sons fries all the time to get my fix!! lol
    Doing a little blog hoppin!!

  7. Awesome list! Having kids is just the best for all your reasons and more!

    blog hoppin'
    the bombed mom

  8. This is fantastic! You hit the nail on the head - all the way down to Disney and the singing!

  9. This is a sweet post. Funny too...but mainly sweet.

    I think us SAHM's are so lucky to have this opportunity to keep the child within us ALIVE.

    Thank you for reminding me of that.

  10. I love the french fries!! Hey - come by my site - I have an award for you. See ya. Kellan

  11. LOL! Ya know, I think I had realized this on some basic level, but I never really said it out loud. You are sooo right! :-)

    Blog Hoppin'! Happy Friday!
    "Margarita Mom"

  12. Oh, how cute and so, so true. I blog-hopped from Kellan's blog and read some of your earlier posts. Wow . . . what a wife and mom. Amazing--you and your family.

    Congrats on the award--you clearly deserve it!

  13. Yes! And the perfect excuse to go to the movie theater to see all the Pixar/Disney movies released and eat candy until you get a stomach ache.

  14. I abhor the news. don't get me started about the local news anchors in austin. I can't even watch and poke fun, because their onair innadequacies irritate me to the point of inexplicable rage

    I used to work at a public affairs firm and I got all my current events from the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. embarassing but true

  15. Hey - you are very welcome for the award - it is my honor. Have a good evening. Kellan

  16. So true!! I especially love the McDonalds one so so so true!


  17. Exactly.

    I love cartoons, Disneyland and fries too... and my kid is nearly 17 now.

    Blog Hoppin'

  18. Came here from Kellan's blog.

    What a great list! It's always good to have an excuse for all the cookies in my pantry!

  19. Haha, this was great! Loved them all.

    P.S. I rarely watch the news, I prefer to get it the point and click way, that way I have more control over what I deem newsworthy.

    Blog hopping!

  20. Add Always an excuse to do laundry and Always a nose to wipe to that list.

    Oh, wait. Those don't really work, do they?! :0)

    Love your list. Except the sugary cereal part, yuck.

  21. Absolutely,
    I may have to share this list with my hubby!

    Weekend Blog Hopper,
    Anastasia Beaverhousin