Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too Much Winter

Thursday Thirteen Volume II Feb 28, 2008

It is currently around 10 degrees F (-15 C) AGAIN here in Illinois. My Canadian friends will have to bear with me on this rendition of Thursday Thirteen. They will be playing their imaginary violins for my pity party while I whine about the weather after they have enjoyed feet of snow and temperatures triple that negative number this winter. Well, believe it or not, we have seen temps that low AND feet of snow ourselves here in Illinois this winter. We, however, are not accustomed to that. My cover-to-cover newspaper reading father-in-law, Ed, informed me last week this has been the third wettest winter on record here in Central Illinois. Having lived through Edmonton’s winter last year, I can actually state that this Peoria winter rivals it. It is not as cold with not QUITE as much snow, but this cold is a colder cold degree for degree, if that makes sense. Also, this snow weighs about 3 times as much, so it is much more difficult to shovel. I will say, however, that the side streets are plowed and that was something that didn’t often happen in Edmonton.

Thirteen Signs You have had too much Winter:

  1. 40 degrees F brings out short sleeves, light jackets, bikes and skateboards.

  2. The same rare 40 degree day has the kids asking if they can “run through the sprinkler because it is SO warm out today.”

  3. While saying nighttime prayers with the kids, you thank God for his creation – the snow, the rivers, the ice, the cold, the warm..- at which point your child interrupts and laments that Jesus WILL NEVER MAKE IT BE SPRING AGAIN.

  4. You find yourself saying, “Let’s get away this weekend someplace warm – like Missouri. I think it is supposed to be in the high 40’s.”

  5. The outrageous price paid for your ski-trip clothes for yourself and the kids seems like a bargain now on a cost/use basis.

  6. The kids grumble when they see the fresh snow on the ground through which grass was peeking just yesterday instead of jumping for joy at the excitement of a possible snow day.

  7. You find yourself whispering sweet-nothings to your tank tops and shorts promising one day you will see them again.

  8. This scene triggers a reaction of OH! CRAP!, when just one month ago it was, Ooooh! Aahhh! (taken Tuesday, February 27 after the LATEST 2-5")

  9. The kids need new boots by mid-January due to wear and tear instead of out-growing them like every other year.

  10. You find yourself feeling inexplicable feelings of rage every time you read a blog post nonchalantly mentioning playing outside recently.

  11. Your 20-something sweaters have all made their laundry rotations MANY times and are starting to look rather worn.

  12. You can’t remember you neighbor’s name because you haven’t been outside in so long.

  13. You find YOURSELF uttering the words, “Do you want to go to Chuck E. Cheese?” just to get out of the house.



  1. Those are great! I only spent two winters in Illinois, and I still shiver at the thought. It was the wind chill that was so terrible.. brrr.. You have my deepest sympathy! :)

  2. What a great list!!! I found myself nodding with many of them!

    And, by the way, my post last week about the kids planting those seeds - that picture was taken inside and all our heavy coats were in the shopping cart. Didn't want you to think its that warm here in PA - today its cold and windy...but there is sun!! And my helpers are proving to be somewhat helpful. Quintin (playing spiderman) has been just thrilled to help me find the spiderwebs...sigh...

  3. I feel so sorry for you that I'm not going to mention that the forecast for today here in San Diego is 73. Ooops. Sorry!

  4. OMG - those are funny because they are true! I am SO SICK of winter!

  5. Those last 2 made me really laugh - all were very sad, but hysterically funny!

    I gues I won't tell you how warm it is supposed to be here today - no, and I should probably resist telling you how sunny it is too.

    You all have had a hard winter this year - I'm sure you will be glad when it is over.

    Have a good day - I loved your list. Kellan

  6. So funny. I totally understand, though we have not had as much snow as you I am sooooo ready for winter to get over with already.

  7. I can't relate, at all! I have already revealed how much of a wimpy Texas princess I am when it comes to the cold.

  8. I agree with all of those. Especially the one about peoples blogs that mention playing outside!! Seriously enough winter already!!


  9. We swore we would never go to Chuck E. Cheese again. But we too have been considering it. And, being Missouri residents, we will hit the 50s this weekend. You are welcome to visit.

  10. Great list! Hang in there - spring is coming...

  11. Hang in there friend, it is coming, I promise! My daffodils told me that spring is just around the corner.
    Oh, and if you're sick of Chuck, check out one of those places where the kids can bounce on the inflatable bounce houses indoors. Do y'all have those? Great for wearing the kids out. You get to sit and read a book.

  12. You NAILED this. Only I go to Target instead of Chuck E Cheese. You are way cooler. I suck.

    That is all.


  13. I think its colder there than it was here in Kazakhstan yesterday (but we have much more snow over here)!

  14. I feel personally responsible for #10. I'm sorry.

  15. Definitely don't come over to my blog. Rage inducing. Crazy outside weather.

    These were great! 3 & 4 really cracked me up. I hope that it all melts and Spring comes with a vengeance!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and ocmmenting. I love your prayer requests on the upper left.

  16. I'm with you. No contest here either, I'm just TIRED of snow and cold. Actually I'm dreaming of the days when I can just walk outside again without having to put on layer after layer first. I'm also just a tiny bit afraid to see what's under these layers. I think I've been eating a bit too much to keep warm this winter....

  17. I am so sick of winter. I used to be excited and feel like... "ooo yay, I am snowed in again! time to blog and watch good movies!"

    I'm just getting over the flu... tomorrow's my birthday and we're getting snow again... today AND tomorrow. Lovely... and I almost got to do something fun on my birthday... something I wanted to do.. almost.....

    Thank you God for a warm house and beautiful winters... please send spring - it's beautiful TOO!

  18. I guess you'd throw rotten tomatoes at me if I told you that I worked the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo today in a t-shirt and got sunburned in the 84 deg. heat?

    RUNNING NOW.. literally. I don't know how good your aim is, but I'm not hanging around to find out! ;o)

    Sorry for the yucky weather there. Wish I could package some of our hot and send it tht way.