Saturday, August 9, 2008

the savvy source

Okay. So just a quick post to let you know that I have added an ad on my side bar for the Savvy Source. This is a program sponsored by Leapfrog. When I signed up for the program, one of the objectives was to get us to mention it on our blogs. Well, I am totally not comfortable doing that unless I have checked it out first. I am also not one to forward paranoid email junk and other miscellaneous chain letters. I just don't do it. American Heart Association DO NOT CALL ME and ask me to send out letters to 6 of my neighbors. I won't do it. I get those letters from my neighbors and they make me feel guilty. We give. We tithe. We are charitable. I don't need guilt to help me do it. I won't do it to others.

ANYHOOO... I thought, I will mention it on my blog if I can first tell my readers what to expect. So, here is what you can expect. Do the quiz on the left and you will find yourself in a new website with many more questions. Way more than I expected. At first I was put off by it and a bit irritated. But, honestly? I thought, what the hey? So, I did the quiz. Well, part of it. I still haven't finished it. There is a series of around 10-15 easy to answer questions about your child's progress in different areas of developmental progress (language, arts, math, etc.). It is probably only applicable to those of us with children under the age of 9, but more geared towards preschool. So, I did this for the area of Language. When you are finished with an area, it gives you an assessment of your child's progress and then recommends products for your child's level and interests. It was pretty cool because one of the neatest things it recommends IS FREE at-home activities you can do with your child. It was worth it for that alone. I have now completed the math assessment and was impressed at all the activities it suggested and am considering some of the books, etc. that it suggests. You can go back and do another area like art, social skills, etc. as time allows.

So, thought I would mention it to anyone out there that likes to do quick surveys, likes to assess their children's progress and is looking for ways to help stimulate their child. I know with school fast approaching, realizing we have done little to learn this summer, I am looking for lots of extra things to do at home with both boys right now.



  1. I like the way you handled this.

  2. I hate to admit that I haven't even checked out the quiz yet (on my own site)! I'll blame it on vacation since we just got back a few days ago. I'm glad you posted a little review so I know what to expect. Guess I should head over and run through at least a few of the quizes!


    PS: Just last night I got one of those "Please send these letters to your neighbors" for the autism foundation. I hate those calls too!

  3. Sounds pretty cool. i wil check it out. I think summer has actually sucked knowledge out of my kids heads.

  4. You did good. Does that mean that I won't have 7 years of bad luck for breaking the chain from Angie?

  5. Yep! Always needing some cheap / free things to do with the kidlets. They are sooooo bored right now.