Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A prayer request...

I am writing today to request some prayers. This time, it is actually, not for my immediate family. Well, kind of. At what point in time does your sister stop becoming your immediate family? I mean, now that I am married, are my husband and kids my immediate family or are my parents and siblings my immediate family? Get back to me on that one will ya? Anyway, I digress.

You may remember that I left sweet beautiful newborn Hannah Jane and Mindi and Matt and Logan a little over two weeks ago to return home to my house and husband. It was hard, but in the end, my husband does rub my back and feet and Mindi doesn't.
Well, just as I suspected they all got along just fine without me. Everything was going quite well, Hannah was waking one or twice to eat during the night, but going right back down. She had her well-baby visit on Thursday last week and she looked great and all was fine. Thursday night, July 31, after her 11pm feeding, something happened in Hannah. She tensed up, spit up, vomited, screamed, wheezed and could barely catch her breath for several minutes, so Matt and Mindi rushed her to the hospital. She developed sort of a foamy residue around her mouth and eyes. She would let out a blood-curdling scream and then gasp for air several seconds later. The staff immediately suctioned her out and got lots of mucus from her mouth and nose. After many hours and tests, they discovered she tested positive for RSV and for reflux.

Hannah's doctor was there that morning because of a delivery (she likes to be present for her new patient arrivals) and discussed the situation. She said the RSV was not overly concerning to her because she showed no symptoms to date - no fever, no stuffiness, NOTHING. She said she really thought it was more of a fluke. That Hannah probably vomited and was choking on it. This was before the Upper GI showed extensive reflux. So they are treating her for reflux. She is supposed to eat less and she is taking Zantac (or something like it, Mindi correct me, PLEASE) However, the poor little thing is starving and Mindi and Matt have begun feeding her more than the recommended 2 oz. She is over 8 lbs and is 3 weeks old, for pete's sake.

Prior to this episode, Hannah had no symptoms of reflux. She has been very content, a great eater, minimal spit ups, good sleeper, just a great baby. Since this episode she has also had NO ISSUES. She was to have her first follow up visit on Friday.

Today, Mindi's doctor called her to tell her Hannah's EKG administered that night at the hospital was abnormal. Abnormal in the sense that Hannah's heart rate was over 220 (normal is around 120-160). They administered the EKG just after they suctioned her and she was still very upset and screaming a lot and not breathing easily. They informed Mindi of the high heart rate that night, but nothing else was discussed about it. Hannah had a chest X-ray and her heart and lungs looked fine. She had a full body scan and all looked fine. Hannah's heart rate that morning at her well-baby visit was fine. HOWEVER, as procedure dictates in the hospital, they sent the EKG to the pediatric cardiologist in St. Louis for review.

That pediatric cardiologist wants to see Hannah. The doctor only comes to their town once a month and is full for this month (and on vacation to ask for him to squeeze in Hannah). So, Matt and Mindi are taking Hannah to Children's in St. Louis on Thursday, August 7 for an echo cardiogram and a consultation. Hannah's doctor, based on everything that has happened so far, thinks the accelerated heart rate was a result of her very upset condition that night since she did not have the heart rate issue at any of her prior visits. However, because of Hannah's age and because of how high the heart rate was, the pediatric cardiologist wants to see Hannah to rule out anything else. That accelerated of a heart rate COULD be a sign of other issues that need treatment, so this is a good idea.

Mindi is thankful they found this and are being so thorough, but this has been a very hard few days for them. Come on, let's be honest, she's scared shitless. This is her brand new baby. We would all be a mess. However, there is no need to worry until there is something to worry about. Please pray for them:

No issues with Hannah's heart

Perfect 3 week old health for Hannah

Wisdom and Guidance for Hannah's medical team

Peace and encouragement for Mindi, Matt and Logan

No insurance issues and easy coverage (they are on Cobra due to Matt's job situation)

Employment opportunities for Matt




  1. Angie, I have read a great book all about reflux called "Colic Solved" by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian. It is really comprehensive, discusses tests and procedures, medicines, etc. He is a pediatric gastroenterologist. If you want me to send it to Mindi just e-mail me her address. Or she can buy it obviously or get it from the library. It is a fairly new book, like less than 2 years old I think. I will be keeping all 4 of them in my prayers!

  2. I am praying over here....

  3. I will definitely hope for all those things.

  4. Angie, I will keep them all in my prayers too.

    Anya had reflux really bad as well. We actually had to have her sleeping upright in her carseat for the first 5 months. And she too was on Zantac.

    Tell Mindi to hang in there. Hoping all is cleared up real soon...

  5. That sweet precious baby has all my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated on her condition...

  6. Angie - my prayers are with Mindi and her family. Ellie was hospitalized when she was 4 weeks old for 5 days because she was running a fever and babies that little just aren't supposed to run fevers - turned out to be nothing - a cold - but they were the scariest 5 days for two new parents as we talked with the doctor of all the possibilities and slowly ruled then out one by one... My heart goes out to them and I'll be praying for it to all be a fluke!

  7. I wish them the best and I will be praying for them.
    Just to let you know also, you should check my blog out today. I wrote a post about your comment! Have a wonderful day. :)

  8. My goodness. Prayers, certainly. But, if for some reason, there is something going on, I'm so glad the doctors are quick and on top of it for that little darling. How frightening!

  9. I will definitely keep this sweet baby and her parents in my prayers. Alexis was in the hospital when she was 5 months old with RSV and I'm glad to hear that they are not concerned about the RSV and hope that everything else turns out okay. The reflux they can treat and that would be a blessing if that is all they have to deal with - as, I am sure it will be! Take care - Kellan

  10. I would be terrified. That is an awful lot to be taking in all at once for a new mom.

    Zantac sounds about right. We gave that to our preemies and newborns in the hospital for reflux. Could she possibly feed her more frequently rather than offering more volume per feeding? That can sometimes help.

    My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  11. Prayed, Praying..and Will Pray More.. I hate more than anything seeing babies sick..they are so helpless and can't tell us what they are feeling.
    I don't know that you could have a better hospital...really.

  12. There is nothing wrong with that little girl. Just LOOK at her. She's perfect. I'll be praying for the best of best results even though I don't need to because I can already see she is perfect!

  13. Consider it done, Angie.

  14. I had a reflux baby. There is such a thing as silent reflux which it sounds like your neice has.

    she probably did just choke a little and will be fine....but God uses these scary but minor moments to alert the doctors to a silent but potentially harmful issue all the time.

    God Bless

    (a pedi nurse)

  15. :( she's so precious! hope they find a solution.