Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear people-that-are-currently-bothering-me...

Dear Grant:

Congratulations on successfully learning to tie your shoes this week. I am so proud of you and your determination. You are growing up so fast, one would even think you were ready for school soon. Oh wait, that comes next week. ....sob...

Dear Gavin:

Grant can SO tie his shoes. Get over it. If you would practice, you could too.

Dear Matt Laurer:

Are you aware that the US Olympic team comprises several hundred athletes? Several hundred people that have trained, sacrificed and qualified to be present and represent our country at the Olympics. Do you think you could mention a few of those people?? Not to discount the amazing abilities and athleticism of Michael Phelps, but there are many more athletes with amazing stories and determination present in Beijing right now. Also, when interviewing someone about their medal, do you think you could do it without mentioning Michael Phelps' name mid-interview? How about Jason Lezak's last leg of the relay to come back from a full body length in 100 meters who clocked the fastest relay sprint on record to beat the favorite by .01 seconds??? Maybe he could get a little more camera time for accomplishing such a feat? This is like listening to the media constantly discuss Tiger Woods despite the fact that THERE MAY BE FIVE to TEN PEOPLE AHEAD OF HIM. Yes, Tiger may be great, but how about the leaders, folks? Or the other golfers who are currently playing and not out due to surgery? Michael, you are awesome, but something tells me even you would rather your fellow Olympians receive a bit more credit.

Dear Self:

It never fails that nature calls during a quick trip to ANYWHERE when toting the little ones. You should have learned to expect this by now. Do not get frustrated with the kids for having to poop. Everyone poops. However, when your 5 year old tells you he can hold it so he can play on the swingset display at the hardware store for 5 more minutes, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM. You idiot.


  1. welllll, you know.........

    poop happens!

    (I couldn't resist)

  2. that must have been some mess :( Oh and I totally agree on the focus on just ONE athlete out of many.. totally not fair and makes things just not as interesting. I love the stories behind the athletes.

  3. I heard one commentator talking about Tiger Woods while talking about Michael Phelps!

    Sorry to hear about the poop. I hate it when that happens.

    And my middle child? The 22-year-old? Never did learn to tie her shoes correctly. My bad. And don't tell her I told you.

  4. A-men to Matt Lauer. Is it wrong I think he's cute? Anyway. I'm ready to poke my eye out with a fork if I hear one more Phelps story.

  5. Could you sign my name to the matt Lauer one adn also send it to all the "journalists" there. Seriously Micheal Phelps is awesome but poor Jason Lezak was actually asked if he had Micheal Phelps gold medal on his mind during the race. Really? Stupid journalists!! :P

    Sorry about the poop -- that is just no fun.

  6. I'm laughing.

    BUT, at least you guys are winning some medals....

  7. Can't wait for the day when mine can tie their shoes also....and stop pooping their pants!

  8. Ditto on the last one - mini-golf course.

  9. Dollar General makes me poop.
    Just thought I'd tell ya.

  10. and I am soooo sick of hearing about Chinese cuisine!
    and Americans with intesinal distress! arggg!

  11. from Matt Lauer, that is.

  12. Been there done that (too many times unfortunately) on the last one.

  13. I just had the SAME poop thing happen to me in the doctors office this week..

    soo not fun.

  14. Agreed on the Olympic coverage. While it is understandable there has been so much fuss around Phelps because what he is doing is monumental, there are other athletes who have sacrificed so much and are accomplishing great things as well!

  15. OMG...
    Shoe tying is HUGE!

    Olympics..Yes, you are so right. One of my favorite parts has been Mary Carillo (sp?) where she highlights China. Last night was the man that created the logo and mascot. I love Michael Phelps..but I agree.

  16. Dear Angie,

    You crack me up!

    So sad..yet funny!


  17. Sorry about the poop. I've got some bling for you.