Monday, May 17, 2010

dr. kevorkian??

Grant gets his tubes for his consistently clogged ears on Wednesday.

Saturday morning, after we went to the hospital for the pre-surgery lab draw (that was actually supposed to happen on May 5th, but I completely spaced it out due to constant pre-occupations in my head), Grant asked me this:

Grant: Mom, will my doctor have to cut my ears?
Me: Yes, he makes a tiny hole in the ear and places the tube in the hole.
Grant: Will I bleed?
Me: I'm not sure. It goes so quickly. The whole surgery only lasts about 15 minutes.
Grant: How will I be put to sleep?
Me: I'm not sure. They may put a mask over your mouth and you breath in this special stuff you can't see, called gas, to make you sleep. I don't know if that is what they will use or not, though.
Grant: What if I don't wake up?
Me: You will. It happens really quickly and we will come home a little bit after the surgery.
Grant: What if I die?
Me: Oh, buddy. You aren't gonna die from this. It is really quick and easy.
Grant: What if my doctor kills me?
Me: He does this all the time. He just did some of these surgeries this week. He isn't going to mess up and kill you.
Grant: What if he decides to kill me?
Me: Ummmmm. What?!?!
Grant: What if my doctor decides to kill me?
Me: He CAN'T and he WON'T. It's against the law. Why would you think your doctor would kill you?
Grant: Mom, you know Michael Jackson's doctors killed him?
Me: What? How did you know that? Where did you hear that? I'm not sure if that's true or not.
Grant: No, Mom, it IS true. Dominic told me and said his doctors were arrested yesterday for killing him.
Me: OK. Well, Michael Jackson was a very weird man who did very strange things to his body. He asked doctors to help him do these things. He found some doctors who were willing to do them, but they should have known better. They knew those things would hurt him and helped him do them anyway just because he is famous. Your doctor doesn't want anyone to do anything to themselves that would hurt them no matter how famous they are. You don't have to worry.

I think he is more at ease with the thought of the surgery now, but we will see how apprehensive he is on Wednesday. I think I may tell his doc to give him a word of encouragement just before he goes under.


Friday, May 7, 2010

future x-gamers

For those of you that don't see me on facebook, I thought I would give you a glimpse into what Spring brings out in my boyz.

Still need to get some video of 4-wheeler driving, BMX biking and trampoline jumping.