Sunday, August 3, 2008

Give a sister some luv

I have a real life friend who recently started a blog. She must be very cutting edge in her writing because she has already received her first negative comment. Well, not exactly negative, but just not all that flattering. It took me many months and a very controversial post to ever get a negative comment. So, I am asking my readers to go check her out. I wanted to direct others to her anyway, so now is my good reason.

Her negative comment arose as a result of her husband's profession. He is in the ministry and apparently because he is in the ministry, my friend has less reason to look out at life and creatively write her vents, observations, etc. This is the hardest part of being a person of faith. Some people assume because I have faith that I must always be positive and donning rose-colored-glass. While I do try, and my friend tries, we struggle with everything in life the way everyone does. Because I am a Christian, some people think I shouldn't have fun, as though I should be sitting around quietly meditating all the time or constantly praying for world peace. Some people think I shouldn't partake in or enjoy sarcasm. I think sarcasm is hilarious - besides Leslie Nielson's literal humor ("This woman needs to be in a hospital." "A hospital, what is it?" "It's a large building with patients, but that's not important right now."), sarcasm is my favorite form of humor. My pastor uses sarcasm occasionally as a source of getting points across and as a way to engage the congregation or to simply lighten the mood. Sarcasm is funny. Sarcastically complaining about life is funny. To me.

There is no commandment that says, "Thou shalt not use sarcasm." or "Thou shalt not complain." or "Thou shalt not ask questions." No, we are encouraged to ask God questions and wrestle with that which we do not understand and that with which we struggle.

However, it is sometimes refreshing to be reminded that as a self-declared Christian, I am wearing a brighter "watch me" sign on my back than most. Many people are waiting for me to screw up and sin and fail so they can be the first to say, "ha, where is your God?" or "That is why Christians are hypocrites." To those people I will say, just wait around, and I promise I will give you reason to say all those things about me. After all, I am human and I will fail. Time and time again. My friend will, too. Being married to someone in the ministry certainly does not provide immunity from life's temptations and struggles. Too Bad. Huh, friend? It would be a lot easier if it did.

That is all for my rant for the day. Stay tuned tomorrow (afternoon or evening - appt at 9:45 with chemo to follow, so a long day) when I update you with Brian's results. Ugh. I hate this TEST AND RESULTS WEEK - test day, the wait, the results....



  1. I'll be waiting for news--and head over to your friend's blog.

    I have not doubt you're fun!

  2. I'm almost 100% confident that it's probably someone in her husband's congregation that she's made upset or is jealous or something crazy like that. I have a hard time believing that someone just stumbled on it and posted that to her!

    I'll be praying about the results too girl, we love you!!!

  3. ......Oh, and as we say on Gymborebel, her comment was snarky!

  4. Good luck Angie and Brian. Good thoughts are still on their way.

    As for the snarky comment. OY. If it continues, I'd suggest she get IP blocker. Lord knows that'll help - I had to resort to that as well.

  5. I'm so with you here. What gets me about this most? Christ was all about being non-judgmental, right? So why are Christians the worst about judging each other? Gosh!

    I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  6. Thanks. That was unexpected, and nice. You are a real-life real friend.

  7. I enjoy your self-declared rants. :)

    So sorry your friend got a negative comment. I will check out her blog.

    Will be eager to hear the results on Brian this week.Prayers always headed your way.

  8. It is really good there is no commandment "thou shalt not be sarcastic"!!! I am not sure I cold survive. :)
    I will head over to her blog and check it out :)

  9. It's really sad that people choose to leave negative comments rather than just simply choosing to no longer read the blog. No one is forcing them. If they don't agree, just leave. I'm sorry your friend had to endure that so early on in blogging and hope it does not deter her from blogging further.

    Good Luck with the test & results week!!

  10. Booo for negative comments! I hope that didn't discourage your friend at all. Being a ministers wife would not be easy.

  11. Nice rant! You said it well. We're praying for good results, as always.

  12. I will go check out your friend and good luck with the results. we will keep you guys in our prayers!

  13. Excellent, Angie.
    I'll check her out.
    Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.