Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kevin and Heather

Kevin and Heather Baer

Brian and I have a large family with over 60 first cousins between us, so it seems there is always some celebration going on. However, we have been in a wedding drought for a few years. This year was make up year. Brian has 3 cousins' weddings this year and my brother also married this year. He remarried last weekend as a matter of fact. As I attended this wedding and the subsequent celebration, it occurred to me that this is only the second second wedding I have ever attended. Both Kevin and his new wife, Heather, come into the marriage with children of their own. Kevin has Andrew-19, Lauren-15 and Lexie -11. Heather has Mackenzie -nearly 9. I tell you that so as you look at these pictures, if you don't know my family already, you know some details.

Here are some highlights:

The night before:

my dork sister and her husband, Matt.

Andrew and baby Hannah (my new niece)

me and Heather

Grant, Gavin, Andrew, Logan swimming at the hotel

The wedding itself:

Heather given away by her Dad, Gary, and son, Mackenzie.
Most of my pictures of the actual ceremony did not come out as the church was extremely dark. So my pictures are either blurry since I was not on a tripod or they have huge shadows behind the people due to the flash. The ceremony was simple and sweet with an exchange of vows and a pledge from Kevin to Mackenzie and from Heather to Andrew, Lauren and Lexie.

Grant and Logan throwing rocks in the church parking lot. No, that is not the church in the background. It's some trailer in a lot next to the church. It is Kentucky, after all.

Some family pics:

the new merged family
our entire familythe grandkids (Gavin, Andrew, Logan, Grant, Lauren, Hannah, Mackenzie, Lexie)

I was familiar with what kind of pics to expect when you give your DSLR camera to your 5 year old. Here is what you get when you give your DSLR camera to a teenage boy:

I also don't have any pictures of the reception because I instead took several pictures of Heather's family and their friends with Kevin's DSLR for them. I was 'pictured out' by the time the dance started, plus I enjoyed watching Grant play hard to get with one of Heather's cousin's adorable blond-haired daughter. Each time she would show interest in dancing with him, he would run outside to "inspect a sore on his arm." By the time he got over himself, the girl and her family had to leave.

Congratulations to Kevin and Heather!



  1. How beautiful is the bride!!! Love her dress :) Looks like a fun filled day-- thanks for the clarification about the trailer in the parking lot picture, I was worried for a second :)

  2. Angie, What a beautiful family! I love the bride's flowers :)

  3. Looks like a BOOOTIFUL celebration!! Congrats on extending your family even more!

  4. What a beautiful family :) 2nd wedding with all of those cousins? That's amazing! Looks like it was a wonderful celebration. Congratulations!

  5. Beautiful photos, Angie. You are blessed to have such a large, loving family!

  6. My best to the newlyweds.

  7. Congratulations to the newlyweds! And I wanna hold that little baby!

    These are lovely family photos. Just lovely.

  8. one of my aunts once described getting together with family as "the shot in the arm that I needed" I've always liked that. Just boosts you up.

    congrats to the new family.

    I think it's wonderful they made pledges to the step children. (being both a step child and a step mom)

  9. Angie, the pictures are wonderful. And Andrew really has grown up!! SO what was the gift you gave to Kevin & Heather, since they have everything? You did a wonderful job with the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Oh, and how was the weather? Was it hot? Humid? Pleasant?

  10. Gorgeous, I love weddings and that one looked like lots of fun:)

  11. Nice photos - beautiful family. I love weddings, especially family ones.!

  12. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!!! :)

  13. Angie were Matt and Brian "Those Guys" or did they behave??

  14. I need someone I know to get married....this makes me jonesin' to go to a wedding.
    Great shots.

  15. i hate to say it, but andrew took many of those pictures that you said your 5 year old took. hahahaha

    -your favorite neice.

  16. nevermind! i just saw where you put that andrew took those.