Saturday, March 15, 2008


Our microwave is busted. It is under warranty and they are coming back to fix it on Monday, however, it has been out of commission since last Saturday. It would only stand to reason, then, that this would be the week I would make meals producing record-breaking amounts of left-overs. Apparently, the microwave is suffering from a bad magnetron. I’m an engineer by degree. I should have known magnetron wasn’t an invented word, but I just couldn’t help myself when I told the repairman they didn’t have to order the part because the boys had some transformers in the basement. He didn’t think I was very funny, either.

In order to redeem myself from my cheesy humor and ensure I demonstrate to you that I possess the mental capacity ensuring I obtained my coveted engineering degree, I thought I would reduce our week without a microwave to some simple equations.

Leftovers + microwave = lunch options for mommy
Leftovers + microwave = dinner options for daddy and mommy
Leftovers + microwave = nights off dishes and cooking
Leftovers + microwave = spoiled Americans convenience

Leftovers – microwave = pain in the arse
Leftovers – microwave = No logical computable answer
Leftovers – microwave = May as well make another meal with the amount of time and dishes required to reheat leftovers
Leftovers – microwave = Many uneaten leftovers

No microwave = no popcorn
No microwave = not enough hours in day
No microwave = no cheese dip
No microwave = newfound appreciation for my mother raising us prior to 1983.



  1. This is why I didn't add a built in microwave when I remodeled. If it breaks I want to be able to run to Costco and replace it for $150. No microwave is BAD.

  2. Seriously how did we live before the microwave. I was recently reading a blog and the mom was saying that they got rid of their microwave (on purpose)and were loving living without it. I say to each his own but really how would you live with out it. That means cold pizza leftovers. EEEWWW!!


  3. Oh so sorry to hear! I don't know what I would do without a microwave. I definently wouldn't enjoy my Chef Boyarde as fast...and yes I am an adult and still like Chef Boyarde...ummmm :)

  4. In 1974, I asked my students to raise a hand if the home had a microwave. I got one raised hand. Wasn't that just yesterday?

  5. Um. I think I might cry if my microwave went kaput . . . it is one of my bestest friends.

    BTW--I totally would have laughed--
    magnetron+transformers in basement=funny

    *Thanks for your comments on Friday's post. Your words put so much in perspective. I can't believe how much I connect with and feel for all those I've met out here in the blogosphere. So lucky . . . .

  6. We are spoiled aren't we!?!?

    Such a necessity these days...cause you know, it's important when we heat up all those preservatives!! hee!

  7. Not sure we would be able to survive without the microwave! 50%of our meals are leftovers. I guess I could figure out how to reheat them in the regular that possible??

  8. You don't know how much you use some things until they are out of service. The water dispenser on the fridge recently broke and it drove me crazy. I didn't think I drank much water, but I realized I drink more than I thought since I couldn't get any!

    Hope you aren't starving!

  9. Oh my gosh, as soon as I heard the "tron" comment I automatically thought of Transformers too LOLOLOL. I guess those of us with boys do pick up some knowlege.

    I use my microwave for defrosting almost every day. I feel your pain girlfriend.

  10. No.... Popcorn????

    Oh the Horror!!!

    (says the woman who is snacking down on a bowl of Orville Reddenbacher's right now)

  11. Love your last line. However DID our mothers do it? :-)

  12. Ohhh...yikes.

    We're once again living parallel lives as I'm still without a stove, so cook something for me and I'll microwave something for you. I CAN'T wait for non-boxed pasta.

  13. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear. No microwave is like losing internet at the office. Yikes! Hang in there.... :(

  14. Oh I am so sorry! If our microwave died our family would starve! Loved this!

  15. I just could not be without popcorn, that sucks!

  16. I heart my microwave.
    When we interviewed our new realtor, I showed it to her. I'm so very proud of it.

  17. I just have one thing to say to all of you: What a bunch of WIMPS! ;o)

    Try growing up with nothing but 3 channels of B/W TV (forget about that remote control!), only AM radio and vinyl records for music, no computers or even electric typewriters, no cordless phones or cell phones, no VCRs, camcorders (video cameras), hand-held calculators, dust busters, copy machines, fax machines, and defnintely no microwaves!

    Oh, and that wimp thing - takes one to know one. And I've definitely turned into one myself. I'd rather have to run the Boston Marathon with a 50 lb backpack on than have to even think about going back there! LOL! xoxoxo