Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Brian - March 17, 2008

Some news on Brian....

Today, the clinical trial physican's assistant from Stanford called Brian regarding his last MRI and MRSI. They concur with the Peoria team's assessment that there is an area of increased enhancement - a small growth. It is not an alarming growth, but given the aggressive nature of the pathology (Grade IV glioblastoma, makes me cringe to write that still), it warrants further assessment and possibly a change in Brian's course of treatment.

They are sending their findings directly to the Peoria team (well, his oncologist anyway since don't really HAVE a team here). She is talking with the neuro-oncologist at Stanford for us to seek his opinion as well.

Brian is scheduled for another MRI in two weeks on March 31, 2008. The appointment for receiving the results is on April 9, 2008. If this MRI shows further progression, a change in Brian's treatment plan (a new chemo) will definitely be recommended.

This is difficult, to say the least. We are in good spirits because the change was minimal. Any change with this diagnosis scares us, though. Brian is feeling pretty good. He is having some issues with a sinus-type headache above his eyes, around his nose and over his ears. His left ear is in more discomfort, which naturally has me worried. In July 2006, he experienced lots of these sinus headaches and discomfort over his ear. Looking back, that was probably the beginning of the recurrence. Naturally, these sinus headaches are a concern to us as a potential sign of something more significant. Overall, though, he is feeling relatively strong and I would say his speech is improving.

Pray for Brian - his healing, his peace of mind, his healing, his headaches, his healing

Pray for me - I am a mess trying not to look like one. I am very talented at this.

Pray for my boys - my biggest fear is that they will not have a daddy to raise them. Please pray that my biggest fear is just that - a silly fear.

If you don't pray just read these words and you have prayed anyway...

Lord, we lift up Brian to You for Your promise of healing. We know You are a God of miracles and we are claiming that miraculous healing for Brian right now. You can restore him to the perfect health You desire for him. We are agreeing with You right now for the spirit of truth and understanding You have given to Angie, not a spirit of fear. Fear has no power over You. None. We are praying that Gavin and Grant will have their daddy present in their lives for many years to develop them, suppport them and encourage them. Your desire is for the family to be a unit that models Your love. We pray that for the O'Neills. In your name. Amen



  1. Just so you know.. I read almost all of your blogs but am typically short on words. I continue to pray for you all. We had a good time down at St. Pats. The burkempers told me to tell you hello, as well as, several other old codgers from the Kappa Sigma house (Booger, Roxie, Carp, Rachel, McNail, Nothaus, Branam, etc...)

  2. It is all written in the palm of his hand...keep believing. We pray for you. Love from all of us.

  3. Yes. I will pray for you and your family.

    My RX for you: Lots of hugs, everyday.

  4. Angie, I am lifting you and Brian up at this very moment, and will pray for you every time I think of you, which is often.
    Much love to you, sweet Sister in Christ.

  5. Of course our thoughts are prayers are with you every day. We will KEEP BELIEVING.

  6. Yes, yes, yes......I do have those words imprinted on my brain forever...never leave home without your undies...when the trauma of the accident was said and done, we all had many a good laugh and we needed. Thanks for you comment, it made me smile.

  7. You are often in my thoughts and I transfer those thoughts to prayers for you and your family. As you say over and over, Keep Believing! Our Lord is beside you each step of the way.

  8. You, Brian, Gavin, and Grant are in our thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs, Karla & Ben

  9. I'm sending you all the positive vibes I've got!

  10. I am continuing to pray for all of you.

    God can heal Brian! I am praying for this!

    Keep believing!

  11. Brian, Angie, Gavin and Grant

    We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to pray for Brian's healing.

    With love,
    Joe, Beth, Sara and Adam

  12. This is a lovely prayer, Angie. And of course all of you are in my prayers. In fact, I would venture to say you've got a BIG 'OL prayer circle going on with the blogosphere right now!

    I hope it helps to write about this. It must be incredibly difficult to hold up not only for Brian, but for the children.

  13. I repeated that prayer 5 times this morning and came back and read it a few times again this afternoon. Keep your head up and don't forget to let it go sometimes... its good for you. {{{HUGS}}}

  14. Angie,
    Prayers are being sent. I wish I could do more. My heart just dropped when I saw the title of this post. Hang in there. You are good at what you do for a reason. Sending hugs as well as prayers,

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with You and your family every day.

  16. You are all in my prayers! You are so strong, and doing such a wonderful job- I am sending you big big hugs!!

  17. Angie,

    I will always be praying for Brian, and all of you! My heart goes out to you.

    Keep Believing! (You taught me in this, in a short time!)


  18. {{{{Hugs}}}}

    Lots and lots of them.

  19. Angie, I pray for you and your family every night. Please know my hubby and I will both pray for you all tonight. I am sending you many virtual hugs and love my friend.

    Stay strong.

  20. Angie and Brian I'll remember and I'll read everyday your history. You'll be glad I read you from Italy! Surely every evening I'll pray for you with my wife. We'll spend Easter at Rome together with The pope and my family and I'll pray for you...

    Lots of love from all of us!!!

    Emanuele and Claudia Plasmati from Alba Piemonte Italy

  21. Me and my family are praying or you and yours. Have Faith and keep believing :)

  22. I am praying for Brian and for you and the boys Angie, I am praying.

  23. I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family Angie!! I will continue to pray for all of you! You said it in your blog and I know you believe it...God is miraculous and does hear your prayers! (all in His timing!) Listen to your heart...KEEP BELIEVING! (and please remember to lean on us-your friends-we love you and are always here for anything you need!)

    Love you all, Shawn

  24. I'm so sorry to read about the small area of growth. We will continue to pray for you, as we do always, but focus on your specific requests.

  25. Your strength amazes me. I know that you have a strong faith and will hang onto it no matter what. You are now and always in my prayers.