Saturday, April 25, 2009

finding humor

Dear Brian,

A couple things around here have been making me laugh lately. I know how much you loved to laugh - how easily you found so much delight in life and circumstances and even the most questionably humorous programming. When things make me laugh, I want so badly to call you or rush in the door and tell you, "listen to what I heard today." So, I thought I would write them for you here today.

First of all, the boys and I went to the China buffet today. I was craving Egg Drop soup which is 90% of the reason I go there. The boys are generally pretty well behaved and enjoy making their own plates. I like watching Grant suck his thumb after touching all the sneeze-infested ladles and bacteria-ridden soft-serve handle. Oh, wait, I hate that part. I think I like going there so much because it was the last place the 4 of us went together. It is a precious memory to me as Gavin declared when we entered the parking lot that he loved that place and it was the only place he ever wanted to eat for the rest of his life. This was remarkable to us coming from a picky eater at a place that shares a parking lot with an adjacent McDonald's.

Anyway, I wanted to share my fortune with you.

"Be patient. The Great Wall of China did not got build in one day."

The incorrect grammar as the boys insisted I read it aloud made me laugh out loud. I know you would have cracked up and would have quoted it to me all night.

We were walking through our front yard today and this is blooming again:

I commented on the foul odor of the tree and Gavin said, "Yeah, we call it the tree with flowers that smell like farts." HOW TRUE!

Lastly, my cousin, Kaylie's 5th grade religion class made us some sympathy cards. They must have done them the week you died because they were largely decorated with shamrocks, rainbows and and pots of gold. Most of the cards were genuine and sweet with an occasional misspelled word or a less than sensitive picture of a tombstone and a cemetery. Then, we came to THE CARD. Here it is:

This boy's complete breach of social etiquette has me in stitches. Note the broken heart on the cover. I read this card periodically throughout the day whenever I need a laugh. It is my favorite card of all the countless cards we have received. The brutal honesty of a child cannot be paralleled when it comes to warped humor- a brand we both enjoyed. I know this would have been your favorite card you showed everyone when they walked in the door. It fits you perfectly.

I miss and love you, Brian.



  1. You know what I think that tree smells like....I won't post it here (gross) : )

    Glad to see you laughing...those fortunes always crack me up, too...and the signs on the walls for the food and on the outside sign..."Beef tip serve day"...I know I'm sick and wrong...but the grammar just cracks me up everytime ; )

    Love you,

  2. Oh...and I forgot to tell you...I also share the "inaproprtiate humor" feel free to call ME everytime you come across something funny...I know it makes it more enjoyable to share it with someone : )

    Still love you,

  3. I found myself chuckling about THE CARD several times since I first read it. I'm tickled you posted it in all it's inappropriate glory.

  4. Oh my goodness! That is SOME card. I'm glad you can find the humor in it and share it, too.

    Bradford Pears? Stinky!

  5. I, too, can not stand the smell of the Bradford Pear tree. We got lucky around here this year. The rainy spring washed most of the offensive flowers away!

    And that card - WOW! I guess the teacher didn't read through them before she sent them or that one might have been pulled out. I'm glad you got a laugh out of it!

  6. I just think it's a shame that such inappropriate words of sympathy aren't acceptable for adults. Because I really suck at coming up with the right thing to say in these situations ... it would be so much easier to just say, "man, that stinks ... too bad". : )

    Aren't Chinese restaurants a hoot? I mean, seriously, I don't think I've EVER been to one that didn't have misspelled words on signs and menus. Last week I was at our local carry-out place and marveling at how even the neon menu display had all sorts of things spelled wrong ... like "whithe rice" for white rice. Seriously. Where is this sign company that doesn't even know how to spell white? Too funny : )

  7. Angie, that's hysterical...

  8. SOOOOOOO funny, Angie! Well, it takes time for us to teach our kids social etiquette--remember, the Great Wall of China did not got build in one day. :-) Jorie

  9. That card is hilarious. As well as the fart tree! Im sure my 9 year old son wishes we had a fart tree nearby! There might be one in his room actually! lol

  10. Out of the mouth of babes.

    Wish we as adults could be like little ones, and tell it like it is.

    Keep up the laughter. It is good for the soul.

  11. I had to come back to show Paul THE CARD!!!

  12. Wow, I love THE CARD! I laughed out loud when I read it. It would probably be my favorite too. I had to show Dayven and he got a kick out of it, too. Kids! Glad you are finding some humor in the little daily things. Laughter is the best medicine!

    Those trees are beautiful to look at, but P-U!!

  13. Keep seeking things that make you laugh. You have the best sense of humor ever and its one of my favorite things about you! I'm sure it is one of Brian's favorite things about you too. He's giggling in heaven!

    Love ya

  14. Angie,

    We have a Bradford pear in our front yard and I agree!! Those things stink to high heavens! It seems like I am the only one in my family blessed with olfactory sensitivity. My husband pruned the daylights out of it last fall which translated into much less profuse smell. Had to hold my nose so much less backing out of the driveway when it bloomed this spring! :^)

    Love you, girlfriend and thanks for the laugh. Prayers and hugs--Shawn from TN

  15. Angie,
    My hubby & I also have that warped, screwed up, so wrong sense of humor. I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones! :)

  16. Out of the mouths of babes! We share that so-called warped sense of humor.

    Guess what? I love the fart-scented tree. I'm sending you an email about the one in our yard.

    Still believing.

  17. I think that kid might have a future with Hallmark.

  18. That is SO awful! I totally get why you can't help but laugh. Priceless. My question is, WHAT THE HECK was that teacher thinking when she mailed that? When I went to school everything was pre-screened and things rewritten where appropriate.

    God bless that kid.

  19. I think you are amazing. Keep laughing. Keep believing.

    I love that card, good for you for seeing beyond his slightly inappropriate words to his lovely sentiment and the effort behind the card.

  20. I am laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face. That card is priceless!!!

  21. You just gotta love kids and their brutal honesty and innocence. And I love a good warped humor joke, card, whatever. Glad you're finding things to laugh about! Laughter really is great medicine and will help you heal.

  22. OMG. The cards are priceless...really, Hallmark may need to consider something similar.

    and your fortune. Wow. Something might have been lost in translation...

  23. I have a Mother's Day plate--you know, one of those plastic ones the kids decorate in school--that says, "Happy Mother's Day" and there is a picture of a leprechan (sp?) on front. When I asked her about it and what it had to do with Mother's Day she said, "Well, we decorated them on St. Patrick's Day and I couldn't think of anything else to draw. So, enjoy!

    And keep up the positive attitude. You are an amazing woman.