Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh where, oh where has my little blog gone...

Bloggonit, it has been a VERY long time since I last posted. And there is good reason for that. I have not been home. And we do not own a laptop. We are stuck in this house to the old computer desk (which is now in the same room as the new Wii after some rearranging) if we want to cop some computer time.

I am sure I have lost just about every reader I had that read this blog for any reason OTHER than to find out how Brian fares. Since that is the case, the remainder of this post will be to update you on exactly that.

I had said that Brian was going to start chemo on Dec. 29th. We delayed that a week. He is now to start tomorrow, Jan 5, 2009. He has an appointment sometime in the morning. Only I have no idea what time because the last few weeks my brain has been in the toilet or covered in vomit or something along those lines and I don't know where I wrote it down but I didn't write it in my calendar and don't ask me why - I am sure it has something to do with vomit. I will explain.

On Wednesday night, Dec. 17th, Gavin complained of an upset tummy. He began vomiting around 10 pm that night and proceeded to upchuck no less than 7 times until around 10:00 am. He was on the mend, but missed school Thursday. On Thursday night we received one of our many recent ice storms, so school was cancelled on Dec. 19th. Gavin's Christmas break therefore started at the end of school on Dec 17th. When none of us showed signs of the stomach bug for the next three days I assumed we were in the clear. Not so. Brian woke up vomiting all day on Sunday, Dec 21. Grant began vomiting on Sunday evening. I never did. I told Brian, however, that it would be nothing short of a Christmas miracle if I didn't end up with this stomach virus. When I didn't get it for the next three days, I assumed that was the case. Rather, I awoke on Christmas morning with feelings of nausea and illness all day. The good news is that no one else in our extended family was plagued with the illness. No, there seems to be a special place reserved for us on Satan's hit list for ailments.

We were hopeful that Brian's episode that Sunday could be attributed to the bug, but we are not sure. You see, Brian has been having many of these episodes lately. Sometimes it is limited to once or twice in the morning with a pleasant afternoon. Other times, it lasts all day - for instance Dec. 13, Dec. 21, Jan 1. He had smaller episodes on Dec 24th, Dec 30th and Jan 4th. He just vomits. It is strange. It is scary. It is annoying for him. He can't make it to the bathroom in time, so he keeps a bucket nearby and that is embarrassing for him if the boys are around. We can't keep them away all the time, though, and we never know if or when he may be overcome with an urge to vomit. And I know this all sounds gross with the overuse of the word vomit, but it isn't really nausea. He is fine one moment and then just throws up the next, so the term 'vomiting fits' is the only way I know to explain it.

In addition, his right side appears to be getting weaker with some balance issues. Walking for much of a distance is growing more challenging and any sort of uneven surface is just about out at this point in time. He struggles to open most cans and his pill bottles, but insists on trying. He still navigates stairs as long as there is a railing.

He is tired a lot. He watches a lot of movies, TV and football right now. Sometimes he watches it like our dads have been able to do for so many years through closed eyelids and between snores.

All that being said, he is in decent spirits. Admittedly, we are both getting frustrated with the frustrations in our lives if that makes sense. We didn't let them get us down for the holidays, though. We went to my mom and dad's for several days and Santa came there. We spent the new year in Kansas City with Brian's entire family which was very pleasant. There was a lot of driving involved and since I am the ony driver now, it can be taxing on me, but we work through it. The last two weeks went by very quickly. Unfortunately, Brian woke up on New Year's Day with a full day of his vomiting spells. That wasn't the way he wanted to ring in the new year. He was much better most of the next day. He doesn't have much of an appetite in general, though. We were able to squeeze in many games of Euchre and a few board games with the kids. Let me just say that Brian is the best one handed Euchre dealer and player around.

I don't know what all of these issues mean for starting a new round of chemo. I have no idea if the episodes are something more to worry about or if the doctor will suggest we forgo chemo longer. I just don't know. He has his appointment SOMETIME tomorrow, so we will ask tomorrow. In the meantime, the surgeon also wants to meet with us on Tuesday to discuss whether or not he attempts some surgery in an effort to debulk and maybe give Brian some more time.

As you can clearly see, things are the same ol', same ol' here for us. Don't know what we are doing. Brian doesn't feel great, but tries his darnedest not to let it get him down. Kids start school again tomorrow. We mange some time for friends and family. We play each day by ear.

That's about it from here for now. I will write more this week.



  1. I read not only to see how Brian is doing but because YOU are such an inspiration to me to be a better wife and a better mother. Thank you. Know that YOU and your family are in my prayers.

  2. Thinking of you and saying extra prayers!

  3. We have been thinking and praying for you all! Glad that you were able to spend Christmas together, even if it was between sick spells!

    And I am pretty sure Brian could kick my ass in Euchre. We need to move back to the midwest so we have people to play with. My lack of playing (due to no one, I mean NO ONE, knowing how to play Euchre in the west) means I now officially stink! :)

    Hoping for a great day tomorrow!

  4. Vomiting would well explain our Christmas vacation too! I had it the Sunday before break, Gabby just had it this past Monday & Tuesday and Bill had stomache issue the whole week of Christmas and while we were vacationing at Disney. Good to know we aren't the only one's blessed with vomit this time of year :}

    I would be exhausted as I am sure you are. Take a nap girl! You deserve it.


  5. Happy New Year Angie.
    I just want you to know that listening to that piece on peace ( I listened to the whole thing) may have changed my life. I wanted to write to that pastor and let him know. Any chance of that?
    You were all so inspiring.
    God bless you.

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted--it's not just Brian we want to hear about--it's all of you. I hope that the news over the next couple of days is as good as possible.

  7. I always read to see how YOU are doing. Thank you for updating us. I'm glad that you had a good famiy holiday with time together - despite the vomiting issues. Sending prayers your way.

  8. I was just thinking about you guys last night. Glad to get the update and also glad you made it okay thru the holidays! I will keep Brian in my prayers tomorrow so that the doctors have the wisdom to make the right choice for the next step. Still believing!

  9. Thank you for the update. I'm always glad for news of all of you. I keep you all in prayer.

  10. Happy New Year, hon! Like another commenter, I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones who were blessed w/ stomach viruses over the holidays. Pretty much off & on since mid-December, my whole house has been back & forth w/ the tummy bugs. Kinda looking forward to getting back to school/work/routine & moving past all this!

  11. I just found you thoughts and prayers go out to you.

  12. We've been thinking of you over the holidays and are glad to know that you continue to meet the challenges of your daily lives with a smile (maybe an exasparated smile from time to time, but a smile none the less). Please tell Brian that we think of him often and continue to draw inspiration from his spirit.

    All the best from Singapore, Andy and Missy

  13. So sorry you guys were hit with the stomach bug. The kids and I also had it. It was going around here and I thought we missed it but it decided to strike after a 15 hour drive to Massachusetts. I'm just so thankful that it didn't strike DURING the 15 hour drive!

    I am continuing to keep you all in my prayers.

  14. It was great spending the day with you. Brian was full of smiles, even though he was feeling like sh*t (wonder where Jack gets it from:)

  15. We're still praying for you guys. I also came down with the flu on Christmas Day - I feel that pain. Remember if you need anything, please let me know.

  16. You know you're all in my heart and prayers each day. I'm glad you were together for the holidays. I'm NOT glad for the vomit fest. Oy!

    Here's hoping today went well.


  17. I am still keeping you and your family in my prayers. I like to read your blog, no matter what you write about, because it comes from your heart.

  18. Gotta hate those stomach bugs. I'm sorry it had to hit you over the holidays.

    Oh, and I come here to see how you are all doing and because I enjoy reading what you write.

    Happy New Year and Hugs - as always.

  19. You haven't lost me, Angie.
    Happy New Year, and may 2009 bring zero stomach bugs and much less vomit. :-)

  20. Of all the blogs I read, I read yours most faithfully. I still tell people (well, try to tell them) about you washing the car and make it as funny as it was to me when I read it...

    Some blogs I read for entertainment only... not really invested in the writer. Yours is different - you can be OH so entertaining, but more than that - you're a young woman dealing with something so far from ordinary wrapped all around your ordinary life of washing the car, finding boogers on the wall, or hidden ink marks... And I'm watching you (no not stalkerish) find the blessings of God in your day and I'm grateful that you are... and praying that you will continue to do so... and happy that those two little boys have a mommy to live that out in front of them.

    And lastly... my daughter's name is Angela, so I feel a little motherly about you and I'm wanting for you all the things/events that would please you.