Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where Angie babbles about nothing...

The last two weeks of posts have been so full of venting, frustration, self-pity, fatigue, desperation, small attempts at inspiration, etc., that I feel I must continue with that style. Since our lives are so complicated and somewhat sad, wouldn't it be expected that the only things I write on this blog continue to be about Brian and how he fares with chemotherapy and doctors' appointments and test results?

I mean knowing that Brian is undergoing chemotherapy and battling fatigue and semi-sick feelings daily, do you really want to still hear how my boys' no longer fight over who sits in the recliner because their new favorite seat in the house is in a box wedged between the wall and the recliner playing video games?

And it seems ridiculous to write about how I farted a long, gross, rumbling fart while driving home from the doctor's office giving us bad news, outlining a new chemotherapy plan and cracked up at myself while slyly saying to Brian, "you want me don't you" and he said, helplessly and matter of factly, "well, umm, actually, yeah." Besides I wouldn't write such incriminating words about myself.

And you really want to know about how we sit around and look lovingly and longingly at each other and our children playing family games and spending quality time together instead of knowing I battle Gavin daily against his will to USE THE DARN BATHROOM WHILE HE CONTINUES TO JUMP UP AND DOWN WITH HIS HANDS BETWEEN HIS LEG and I struggle with Grant constantly to WATCH HIS POTTY MOUTH or I simply open the door and tell them to GO PLAY because they are driving me nuts in the house.

I need to continue to tell you how Brian is amazing and goes to work each day despite not feeling great because you don't want to hear how we spend each night licking our big screen and salivating over the fact that CSI-NY, 30 Rock, The Office, Earl (Brian, not me), and Scrubs are back on the air.

You don't want to hear that I didn't like Michael Clayton because, while I thought it had a potentially great story line, I thought it was choppy and predictable with too many unrelated elements thrown in to try to unsuccessfully portray it as art instead of a suspenseful thriller, therefore making it neither, when we will soon be back in the doctors office analyzing more bloodwork making sure Brian is not at risk for infection and that we are on track for the next round of chemo.

So I won't bore you with our otherwise everyday mundane activities.



  1. How can things be so "everyday" in some areas of your life and so "extraordinary" in others?? Your post captures that so well. You guys are in my prayers every day and I think of you often throughout each day!

    Hang in there and know that I'm here if I can ever do anything more than pray! I'm a really good listener!!

  2. This is one of my favorite posts of yours! You seem to always make me smile. :)

    I love Brians response to your fart -- Men are so predictable!

  3. We just got caught back up. You, Brian, and the boys are in our prayers.

  4. Babble is good - not boring at all!

  5. The funny way you tell your stories keep them from being boring!

    And I love fart stories.

    She said "fart".


  6. Love the mundane.

    You are SO HOT.

    I have those exact problems with my older boys...the refusal to go to the bathroom unless pee is running down the leg and then the potty mouth...oh, how I hate that.

  7. :-) this one gave me a big huge smile! thank you! Loved the fart part... seriously.. Austin rips them all the time and it drives me nuts. I will get him back one day, I am just waiting for the perfect moment. I can let out a pretty good belch though. Thanks for cheering up my day Angie!

  8. Girl, you rock! I WANT to hear about Brian, of course, and it's a good reminder that in the midst of it all, you guys are still a normal, funny family with normal, funny kids. In the 5 years we fought my brother's cancer, we quickly learned you have to have the "normal" and funny moments in between the difficult thoughts and moments in order to STAY SANE.

    :-) Jorie

  9. Ha! you had a long, rumbling fart.
    We had a book when we were kids that described the different kind of farts. That one would've been a lawn-mower-fart. Or a motorcycle-fart.
    Angie, I love you.
    Real is real.
    Nobody wants to hear anything other than what you need to say.
    You be you.
    Write or don't write.

  10. I LOVED this post...from the kids and the potty to the fart in the car..

  11. Potty mouth? Now where would THAT have come from. And you are welcome to curse on my blog whenever you want. It's totally welcome over there.

    Plus, there's a little something else there waiting for you to come pick it up.

  12. YOU ARE COMING SUNDAY!?!?!?!?!
    I'm so excited..I am going to go buy Name Tags for everyone..

    ps..please don't far at the chocolate bar

  13. you fart in front of your husband? wow!
    that was a fun post!

  14. You write what you want - when you want - anything you want!!!!! We are all here to support you and listen to you and help you in anyway we can. I personally love all your posts - no matter what you write about. I know you must live a difficult life, day to day - Brian does, I know - I'm so sorry for that - I am!! You two are amazing - AMAZING!!!

    TAke care - Kellan

  15. yep there it was -the fart. see you have helped your boys along well. I love that they enjoy cardboard boxes - for some reason i can picture this in your house.

    you and Brian are studs - i know you both are such wonderful parents and rolemodels (see rolla did help you)

  16. wow - just noticing your Easter pic - your hair is LONG. I guess it has been awhile since i have seen you. That is a great pic, love the long hair. Your boys are soooo cute!

  17. '"you want me don't you" and he said, helplessly and matter of factly, "well, umm, actually, yeah."'

    My sides are hurting . . .

  18. Will you bore me with the tale of how you are driving in on Sunday to come to the Chocolate Bar for Bossy's visit?

  19. Now see...where else can you write about farting?

  20. I finally am updating my blog roll and you are THERE. :)

  21. I am So laughing out loud!! I can't believe that I just read about someone farting...and I can't believe that I even just TYPED farting - I NEVER use that word!

    You crack me are doing great a job of coping with everything you're dealing with...keep it up!!

    If this is boredom, serve up some more!

  22. Even in my drug-induced fuddle you are funny! And since I can't think of anything wize wise? (aack the dope has taken my mind!) anyway I'll rely on a few really smart people to say what I couldn't think of:

    Humor is perhaps a sense of intellectual perspective: an awareness that some things are really important, others not; and that the two kinds are most oddly jumbled in everyday affairs. ~Christopher Morley

    Humor is merely tragedy standing on its head with its pants torn. ~Irvin S. Cobb

    If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide. ~Mahatma Gandhi

    Bottom line , you warm, wonderful and funny lady, is to KEEP BELIEVING in laughter, too. xoxoxo me