Monday, April 21, 2008

My anniverasry seems to be jinxed

So, the time surrounding my wedding anniversary is hexed with lots of less than desirable events. April 19 is the date. It is also the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings and the Waco, Texas standoff. April 20 is the anniversary of Hitlers birthday and the Columbine High School Massacre (and we were living in Littleton at the time. Many of my co-workers were affected.) Not exactly material for your Great Days in History episode.

This past anniversary would also mark the day of a historical event in my family. Since we believe in doing nothing easily, at 4:15 on my wedding anniversary – an hour and 15 minutes before our reservation, Gavin came in the house crying about his broken wrist. It should be noted here that Dr. Angie who, you will note has no MD behind her name, diagnosed Gavin 2 days prior with a bruised wrist. He explained that he had broken his wrist at his friend’s house while he was jumping off the swing. According to Gavin, he usually jumps 10 feet high, but he jumped 11 feet high this day and braced his landing with his hands, breaking his wrist. Dr. Angie (who has no M.D. behind her name) analyzed the situation. Move fingers, check.. Squeeze my hand, check. Bend hand back., check. Bend hand forward, check. Touch alleged broken wrist area. Pain. Okay, sensitive to the touch, all functions working, diagnosis: Bruised Wrist. We went on our merry way, but Gavin would tell everyone who would listen how he broke his wrist this day for the next two days. What a funny little boy.

So, when he came in complaining of his broken wrist on Saturday, I almost retorted with my now reflex response, ‘bruised wrist’ until I saw the bump. He had been playing in the backyard, had a quick slip, braced himself as usual, and aggravated his bruised/broken wrist. Dr. Angie (who has no MD behind her name) decides upon advice of partners, Dr. Grandma and Dr. Grandpa, to take him to the Prompt Care. We are the only ones there on a Saturday afternoon which is nothing short of a small miracle, and are taken back within minutes. Dr. ,with MD behind his name, sees him minutes later, X-ray right away. I look at the X-Ray and almost call my hubby to tell him we will probably keep that 5:30 reservation, because Dr. Angie (who has no MD behind her name) has once again noticed there is NO BREAK in the bone. The doc with MD behind his name comes back in with his nurse explaining the bone is broken and they will cast it up and we need to follow up with an orthopedic for a permanent cast. Come again? Yeah, his wrist has a fracture, which is more like a buckle in the bone, which is why Dr. Angie (who has no MD after her name) didn’t see it with her untrained eye. Gavin, future MD behind his name, has a temporary cast and we are waiting to hear back from the orthopedic office for an appointment for what I pray will be a waterproof cast.

You can relax for the safety of my family because Dr. Angie (who has no MD behind her name) has had her licence removed and will not even be allowed to play a doctor at home.

P.S. We still had our anniversary night out, everything was just delayed an hour.



  1. You and my mother went to the same medical school ;-) I am glad you were able to keep your plans. Happy Belated Anniversary! :)

  2. I will call you not Dr. Angie but Optimistic Angie. And I think you've seen enough doctors to earn yourself an honorary degree. Even if that doesn't mean squat in being able to read an x-ray.

  3. Can you just have one easy day? =) I am glad you still made it out for your anniversary. I hope his wrist is recovering nicely. I think you are still fit to practice. lol

  4. Happy Anniversary! Poor Gavin. Hope he's doing o.k. And I guess he will love telling this story when he's a little older!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    Aww. That's too bad about your son, but it's okay though because, well, at least his wrist is still attached to an arm and hand.

  6. Cute story, I agree with Amanda, you and my mom went to the same medical school...Happy Anniversary. :)

  7. It was a funny story, I loved how you told it, but don't you fret - you are not the only mother to do something like that!

    Perhaps one mother I know, also without an MD behind her name, decided that her son had just a regular stomach ache rather than the Sominella poisioning he actually had.

    *hangs head in shame*

    It happens :)

  8. Are you sure your name is not Dr. Catharine? I would have done EXACTLY the same thing!!! Don't beat yourself up about it and BTW, I agree with your story telling ability - you are very talented (so what if you can't read and x-ray?!) The thankful thing is that Gavin will have his cast off before the end of school and will be able to enjoy his summer without it...that is however, providing that he keeps his swing jumps to under 10 feet LOL!

    Happy belated Anniversary!

  9. I'm glad you're night was salvaged.

    Remind me to tell you about the time I had my son walk around on a broken ankle for 4 days. The only reason I took him to the doctor at all was because his brother had an ear infection and as long as we're here would you mind taking a look . . .

  10. Non-stop action, huh?
    Boys, boys, boys.

  11. When people ask me what I do...I always say I am a Pediatric Specialist. Notice no formal letters after that either. LoL. Happy Anniversary.

  12. I hope you still had a lovely evening. And that Gavin is feeling better. A real cast will just add to his intriguing story.

  13. When my daughter broke her leg there was no swelling no bruise no nothing. I kept telling her "just walk, what is your problem?" (but in much nicer mom words)

    Umm yea broken leg to follow with a cast and crutches for 8 weeks.

    Good parenting by Dr. Mom (Dr. Dad was involved in the diagnosis also, so I blame him)

    Happy Anniversery!!!

  14. Angie, you are very blessed to have only been faced with this once!!! Having three boys, we have been fortunate to misdiagnose only once. When Matthew broke his right leg, I proceeded to massage it and tell him that is what is feels like when your foot "falls asleep", so when it was still "asleep" 3 days later we took him to the doctor. Yep, it was broken! Now, we have experienced 2 broken legs, 3 broken arms, 1 broken clavical, several sets of stiches- and believe it or not, they know us by name at the local E.R.

    Good luck!!!

  15. I totally downplay everything that happens to my kids too. Because honestly I don't have time to fit in an ER visit, so it better be minor!

  16. It must run in the family. When I broke my arm, mom told me it was probably just sprained again and I waited three days to go to the doctor. Then just like you, when the x-ray was hanging there in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come in, Mom said,"I told you it was not broken." Minutes later the doctor came in and pointed to the fracture. I think it happens a lot.

    Love you and miss you lots!
    Your favorite cousin Jenny

  17. I was SO going to say hairline fracture..I had my hand up waving it..didn't you see me?
    When I did mine (bracing from a fall on the ice)..I had a splint and was told wear it..I guess w/ a child they do a cast so they really won't move wasn't like I was going to go out jumping off know..

  18. Kim over at Jogging in Circles is talking sweetly about you so I had to hop over to see what all the fuss was about. She's right, you are adorable.

    Happy belated anniversary and I hope Gavin is feeling better in no time.

  19. You MUST post pictures of his cast. Luke is thinking this is the coolest thing ever. He wants one too and had very detailed questions as to how this arm got broken!!

    Sorry that it happened, but this elevates Gavin to a very high level in this house!!!

  20. Funny, I so would have diagnosed the same thing. Obviously you and I went to the same medical school. :)

    Happiest of anniversary wishes Angie! Hope it was full sans any drama!

  21. Oh boo....sorry about his little break. No fun!

    Happy Anniversary though!

  22. Poor Gavin! I probably would have done the same thing though; thought it was bruised. Or it's because I do my best to avoid the ER.

    My brother's wedding anniversary is 9/11. Yeah.

  23. OH NO! That's TOTALLY something I would do, if it makes you feel ANY better. Which I'm sure it doesn't.

    Glad you made it to your dinner reservation!

  24. My husband's birthday is April 20th and I tell him I don't want him to leave the house. Columbine, Waco, Oklahoma City, Virginia Tech...something about this week is not good. (Well, other than your anniversary!)

    Now that I've read my third post here, I realize I HAVE been here before. But not recently, and MAN have I been missing out. You are a wonderful writer!

  25. I got nothin'--you amaze me. I've got a little somethin' for ya!


    Of course . . . HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  26. I will still think of you as Dr. Angie even though your license has been revoked. Can you move your anniversary day? My mom has moved my birthday because it is inconvenient. She says she is my mom and can do that...

    Holly, V.B.B.W.H.C.F.D.E. (Very Bad Blogger Who Hasn't Commented For Days Either)

  27. Our anniversary is the 19th. Twig's birthday is the 20th. I try very hard not to think about the other bad things that happened on that day and only focus on the gifts those days gave us.

    When Bug was 6 we had the same bit of fun with his arm. I did all the same things and waited 3 days - until I saw a bump - to take him to the doctor. They called it a "green stick" fracture. I felt just like you do now. Don't worry and/or beat yourself up, Dr. Mom. MD or not, your diagnoses are more often right than wrong.