Tuesday, April 15, 2008

chemo update

Super quick note just to let you know how Brian did yesterday.

Ed, Brian's dad, took him and stayed with him for the majority of the time. One of the first things they were told was that the drugs are not covered by insurance... WHAT THE?!?!?! Both drugs are FDA approved (Avastin and CPT-11), but not for the treatment of a brain tumor. We have had 2 doctors and I researched online one other clinic, that recommends this treatment of drugs if and when Temodar fails. Since the drug companies are trying to get this FDA approved for treatment of advanced stage gliomas (Brian's type) they are giving a goodwill use of the drugs at no cost. I pray that continues or that at least there is some way the drugs are covered. They told us not to worry. There are other ways as well.

So, the drips each took over an hour. They monitored Brian's blood pressure since the Avastin can cause a rise in that. He was fine. He was at the clinic for around 4+ hours total. After, Ed and Jan (Brian's folks), Brian and I went to lunch at Olive Garden where Brian's appetite was fine. Due to the blood pressure side effect above, he is supposed to stay away from caffeine and due to the nasty side effect of the unmentionable diarrhea of the other drug, he is supposed to stay away from stomach irritants and spicy foods. Nice.

All afternoon, Brian was bit tired, but not too bad. His stomach felt a bit queasy, but nothing major. He did not have a great evening appetite. He watched TV most evening with the boys. He and I watched Michael Clayton last night. I didn't love it. This morning he did not have much of a breakfast appetite. He is at work today and has worked pretty much a full day.

We pray the rest of the days until the next cycle are easy on him and allow him rest and healing. We do not know if these effects will be cumulative - meaning getting worse each day or with the next cycle, etc. I am just so thankful we are out of the cold and flu season as he enters this chemo since this attacks the immune system as so many chemos do. I would hate to have to keep the boys away from Brian.

That's about it for now. In true Angie form, my super quick note is 500 words and 5 paragraphs, but come on, I know you wanted to know all this.



  1. Angie,

    Your the greatest!!! Thanks for the up-date on Brian.


  2. Thanks for the update Angie :-) Hope it continues to go well and successful with little/no side effects. KEEP BELIEVING!

  3. This is promising news. Hopefully the side effects are non-existent or minimal.

    And we just rented Michael Clayton. Sucks the donkey, huh?

  4. Thank you for the update. I am continuing to pray for you all.

  5. I will keep praying! =)

  6. Of course we wanted to know all that!!! I was hoping you'd update how it went. I'm so glad to hear that he did well. We love you and miss you all.

  7. Hey Girl,

    I hope the side effects continue to be minimal for Brian. He's such a trooper!! Thanks for keep us updated and in true "Angie" fashion. Always praying and thinking about you...


  8. Angie, thinking of all of you.

    You take such wonderful care of Brian and it is amazing to me that he just ...went into work. You all are truly amazing!

  9. Sounds like pretty good news... :)

  10. My "super quick" and your "super quick" are the same (yet another reason to like you!)

    Thanks so much for the update. I am a little irritated by the prescription mess--seriously . . . I'm glad it is working out and hope it continues to.

    I'm off to NOT watch Michael Clayton . . .

    YIMP (you're in my prayers)

  11. hey,
    glad to hear Brian did so well. impressive that he went to work and enjoyed a meal after it. In med school we memorized the side effects of some of these drugs by the name. The diarrhea side effect is in the name of - I run to the can - well sort of.

    a few other things i meant to tell you. Hell yes - I love Billy and Tae bow ( did i spell that right - to lazy to check out the box right now. That work out kicks my ass!

    Then I wanted to mention that I saw your bday on my calender for weeks and then i forgot to sent you a card or an email. I hope you had a great day.

    talk to you later,

  12. I saw Michael Clayton in the theater--a little on the long side.

    I hope it doesn't get much rougher.

    You're so kind to keep us posted.

  13. Thanks for the 'quick' update, Angie. ;-)
    Yes, we do want to know how y'all are doing, as long as you feel like typing about it.

    If you didn't like Michael Clayton...avoid
    There Will Be Blood
    No Country For Old Men

    trust me...

  14. Ugh, whew. Ugh, whew.

    Prayers continuing...

  15. Hey Ang,

    Write about whatever you want! It's good to hear about all of it. I am praying for you daily. I miss you guys.


  16. Angie and Brian,
    Good to know things went well. Keep us updated on the drug coverage too!


  17. Thank you for the update. You are all in our prayers.