Thursday, April 17, 2008

My blogoversary

So, I just realized today is my blogoversary. One year ago today, I created this humble blog. Back then, I created this blog for one reason: to keep our family and friends apprised of our situation in California last year when we went to Stanford for Brian’s major surgery. We were living in Canada at the time and I needed one way to keep everyone informed without struggling through phone calls or emails when I didn’t have a laptop and my own address book, etc. I had never heard of a blog until about a year prior when my 12 year old niece, Lauren, sent me and her entire address book an email stating, “check out my blog” on Myspace or something. I remember telling her I read it every so often, and she asked why I didn’t comment. Little did I know then that comments = crack to bloggers. So, I tried to use Myspace, but was technologically illiterate to do so and running on about 4 hours of sleep a night in preparation for our surgical trip for which we did not know how long we would say. I googled blogs (why does spellcheck recognize blog, but not google? Do they still not realize that google is a verb now?), and found blogspot. It was easy. In hindsight, if I’d known where blogging would take me, I would have used a different platform to have more comment control to meet the commenters. I can’t believe I am saying that I desire to “meet” the commenters on the blog. It wasn’t until November of this past year that I decided to blog like others. It has been the strangest ride. There is so much about the blog I did not know and expect.

  1. I didn’t know how much easier it was to make people come to me instead of going to them for all these years with emails about Brian.

  2. I didn’t know I would enjoy the freedom to easily post pictures, videos, prayer request, etc. at different points on the blog to CONSTANTLY keep those that check quickly for an update about Brian apprised of whatever we feel is prevalent.

  3. I didn’t know that I would stay in better contact with one of our best real life friends through her blog about her own family. I would never have known how similar our boys are if not for my blog and her blog.

  4. I didn’t know how much of an addiction it would become causing me to prioritize and reprioritize my time. However, in all my reprioritization, I never omit blogging completely.

  5. I didn’t know how much satisfaction I could receive from other people’s comments. Strangers, family, friends, etc. (what’s left, really?)

  6. I didn’t know how many people I could meet that make me laugh out loud every single day with their amazing wit, humor and shenanigans, as well as inspire me.

  7. I didn’t know I would meet people like this to whom I am deeply connected spiritually, politically and emotionally, just not geographically.

  8. I didn’t know I would find other sites like this that give me practical tips on saving money and living a more blessed financial life.

  9. I didn’t know how strange it sounds to non-bloggers: this thing called blogging and all that comes with it, and how difficult it is to explain.

  10. I didn’t know I would find so many friends and acquaintances for whom I truly care and about whose lives I really want to know. Real friends that I would meet anyday if I could.

  11. I didn’t know I would spend so much time thinking about this blog wondering what to write next and how to word or arrange it, but loving almost every minute of it.

  12. I didn’t know I would find ways to acquire FREE things like this, and be blessed with giveaways like this.

  13. I didn’t know how much I would come to hate the word “blog.” It is so ugly-sounding for some reason.

My brother and his fiance, Heather, gave me this a couple weeks ago. Couldn't be more true.

For the visually challenged it reads: "Blogland is filled with friends whose faces you have never seen, but have met heart to heart."

So, thank you to everyone that has made this blogging thing so fun, rewarding, inspiring, encouraging, and thought-provoking. Thank you to those that comment. Thank you to those that send me private emails. Thank you to my Lord who continues to bless us through various unexpected avenues in our lives - blogs being one of them.



  1. I am so glad you find Miracle Mondays so inspiring but you and Brian are the insprining ones!

    Happy Blogoversary

    And I too, think the word "blog" has a bad sound to it.

  2. And clearly, I meant "inspiring" not "insprining", because that would just be silly!

  3. Bummer about Sunday... But hey..anniversary is a huge thing!

    Blog is an goofy word... And OMG..where did they get that blog plaque..I LOVE that, it is so true.

    It seems I've read a few people talking about blogging in general and I think alot of it has to do w/ Bossy's adventure.. she is putting all these blogs / faces and people together as she goes across the country..

    Happy Blogoversary..

  4. Happy Blogoversary! :)

  5. Once again, you've read my mind. I've wanted to post something like this for a long time. Now if I do it I'll look like a phony, just copying you.
    But hey, you're not a bad thing to copy. ;-)
    Thanks, Angie, for honoring me with your friendship. You are truly a blessing in my life.
    Much love to you.

  6. Angie - Congrats on the Blogoversary! I've been working on a post very similar but haven't worked out the bugs (yeah, I'm a perfectionist-sort of). Like Pinky said, I won't be able to live up to your post! You said it all so well!

    Congrats again!

  7. Happy, happy blogiversary! So cool. I am so proud to be "shenanigans"! Thanks. And....*insert drum roll here*...I am about to post the winner of last week's book give away.....*more drum roll, please* is YOU! I am going to email you a story about that later, but it is you girl! Happy Blogiversary...I love coming here to visit.

  8. Happy Blogoversary.

    *raises wine glass or shot glass - whatever you like*

  9. Angie, it is a pleasure and honor to read your journey. Congratulations on your blogoversary! You have blessed us all with your strong and positive spirit.

  10. The blogosphere is truly a wonderful place.

    P.S. The book is in the mail!

  11. Dear Angie,I was glad and very honoured that you invited us to read your blog last year. It was a great way to keep updated with you as dear neighbours, without being intrusive. Herman and I talk a lot about you and reading your blog keeps us posted about what to pray for. I am sure that if you hadn't this blog we would have lost contact and now you are very much a priority in our prayers every night.Thank you so much and all our love to Brian & the boys.

  12. Cute! Happy Blogiversary!

    How come I didn't make the list as someone who drives you crazy politically & socially but you LOVE wholeheartedly none-the-less...I'm sure it was just an oversight on your part! Right? right? ;0)

  13. i have to say prior to the blog your emails were excellant and i waited for ones to appear about Brian's progress. However since you have been bloging I have learned more about you and your family and your creative ways. pretty good for an engineer! Really Angie - thank you for taking the time to do this. You have helped me grow over the past 10 years through your emails and now your blog. I know we haven't talked for years (i know the years keep passing:)) but i still feel connected to you and Brian and your two boys through your blog. I told Dave about your stories and he asked "why would she put that stuff on the internet"? He was referring to the farting and booger stories. Thanks for sharing and being brutally honest. You make me LAUGH out loud and smile!

  14. Awwww...thank you!

    And I agree with all 13!

  15. I love that you were inspired by your 12-year-old niece! Happy one year. We need to come up with a new word for sure.

  16. Great list! I love keeping in touch with you too. It feels very personal, even though to some it may not seem that way. Speaking of give-a-ways, although I wasn't but it was on your list, I saw someone named Angie won a give-a-way from Stephanie at Blogher's Fab Finds and Free Deals. Hope that was you.

  17. Very sweet post...LOVE blogging, glad it's serving so many purposes for you, too!!

  18. Angie.. First Happy Blogoversary..Second it really is amazing the connections you come across when blogging. You are a friend.. regardless if we never met. This blogoshpere is real and the support and love is geniune, no matter what non-bloggers think.. it is real.

  19. I totally agree on the word Blog... can we rename it something better? And thank you Angie... I love each and every post :)

  20. I've got a little something for you on my blog.

  21. Good list!! I never knew blogging could be so fun and addicting!! I remember when I first heard of blogs I was like "why would someone put stuff out tthere for eveyone to read? Weird people!!" Now I am one of those weird people. :)

    Sorry about the name thing!! I am so retarded -- I think I had just read karen's blog (Rocking pony)when I wrote that. Seriously I am such a dork!!! Sorry again. :P

  22. Happy Blogoversary!! It has been a pleasure getting to know you - simiply a pleasure!!!

    Have a good weekend - Kellan

  23. Angie: I see it as having had a brainstorm thing going on for long enough. In June, we need to sit down and discuss the book you will write.

    I catch up on your week's writing every Saturday. I come to the computer hungry and walk away stuffed. Thank you for sharing your information and your talent. Love, Jane

  24. Happy belated Blogiversary!!!!

    Blog Hoppin'