Thursday, January 15, 2009

winter wimps and some theme songs

As you know, I was lamenting that school was cancelled for Thursday due to cold weather. Well, it is also cancelled for Friday even though the temperatures are supposed to reach about 20 degrees higher than today to a balmy 15 degrees F. However, morning windchills are supposed to hover around -30 again. WIMPS. WINTER WIMPS, I tell ya! This blows my mind. Cold becomes a part of your life in Canada. Today, we managed to make it to a crowded McDonalds and the Hair Cuttery (that is really the name). Yet, it was too cold for my kids to stay inside a warm school??? You will not get me to buy into this, so stop trying (I'm talking to you my fellow Illinoisans). I am calling this entire state a bunch of PANZIES!!! I made it CVS, too, to spend my expiring ExtraCareBucks.

Along with my fellow Illinois wimps who can't handle the cold, I would also like to call out a few inanimate objects. Namely our truck who I am pretty sure cursed me for leaving him out for a few hours last night while I freed up the garage for Brian's easier transportation. But, he started, so I forgive him. Also, our van whose windshield wiper fluid is frozen solid and whose power doors will not slide in the cold. I am not afraid of you van! I still can use my hands and open and close doors. Also, my garage door who will not open and shut for me when the temperature gets below a certain temp, as well. Once again, I am not afraid of you, either. I can pull your emergency release cord and use my hands. I'm not afraid to live like our forefathers.

Last evening, we went with Brian's brother and wife to see Spamalot. Brian and I also saw this November 2007 in London. Nothing compares to seeing this British comedy in BRITAIN. One of my fondest memories of our 9 day trip to Europe was the night we went to this show. However, Brian and I have a pretty warped sense of humor and we love the Monty Python humor. Also, Spamalot has some good songs that we should all apply to life. They are songs that seem to fit the way Brian lives every day and we have decided some of these are basically his theme songs:

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

In addition, a little less applicable to most of the world, but in keeping with our warped sense of humor, we like this one for Brian:

Not Dead Yet

Yes, we find things like this funny. We laugh our way through the day as much as possible. We have to. It keeps us sane.
I leave you today with a few memories of our trip to London, November of 2007, and our night out to see Spamalot including picture of us riding the escalators for London's wonderfully easy to navigate TUBE.



  1. I got to see "Spamalot" in London, too. I have always been a huge fan of Tim Curry and I planned my trip around his stint in the show. We showed up at the theater and lo and behold Tim wasn't going to be in that nights presentation. I was spitting nails and I was all prepared to pout throughout the entire show. HA! The play was so funny that I couldn't stay mad.

    I enjoy reading your blog and I will pray for your husband. You are a very strong woman and I admire you.

  2. Great theme songs!

    And how fun to have gone to Europe! I bet it was a blast.

  3. OK - I agree - we are panzies!! I think they are having a hard time keeping the schools warm enough and I am sure some of the buses aren't starting.

    The girls and I were out most of the day to ortho appointments, work and a movie. Not many people out that is for sure.

    London looks like a good time :}

  4. Our school was on the news last night, twice!, because we did not cancel. Come on people, is that really newsworthy? But we did get to see Jack on T.V. because his room was featured.

    As John and I watched Stepbrothers the other night and I was laughing my butt off and thinking how much I liked it and it was so much better than Pineapple Express, I thought about Robinhood Men In Tights and now that I have this warped sense of humor maybe I should give that movie one more try. Brian might just have been ahead of the curve on that one as far as warped sense of humor goes. Or it really sucked. But how will I know unless I watch it again?

  5. Love the Europe pictures!

    Our school was cancelled today as well for cold temperatures. I agree with you, how hard is it to really spend less than 5 minutes waiting for a warm bus to pick you up? Oh well, what can you do.

    Have a good weekend! :)

  6. Spamalot it so funny! I love that play, laughed the entire way through :) Love the pictures of London. That is on my list of places to visit, I will for sure check out the escalators when I get there :)

  7. We trudge out through wind, snow and freezing temps to do our errands too. Anything approaching zero (-5 and warmer) is reason to go the park!

    Too bad you can't plug in your truck!

  8. You'd think I'm more than a pansy, then. I won't pretty much set foot outside if it's below 50. And, I don't find anything worthy of the kiddo playing outside unless it's above about 75.

  9. There is a lot of joy in those pics. I ADORE Spamalot!

    And listen to AFF . . . she is such a wimp! Those fragile Texans.

    It is 23 degrees today and that is downright balmy!

  10. Hey girl,
    A sense of humor is a God's gift to us so we can cope. I remember when my dad was in the hospital paralyzed from the waist down...not thinking he would ever walk again...he wanted us to read jokes from the "Truly Tasteless Joke Book". I was in 5th I thought this was cool. I remember a few of these well.......What do you call a guy with no arms or legs in the leaves?????
    In the ocean?
    On your doorstep?

    I know....we are sick!!!!
    Love ya'

  11. I'm just now developing a taste for Monty Python. I would LOVE to see Spamalot, and I'm totally jealous that you've traveled to London!

    Keep Laughing.