Friday, January 11, 2008

You know it's time to lose weight when...

You know it’s time to lose weight when…

Your 4 year old grabs you around the back. You play along thinking he will love it and bend forward lifting his feet off the ground. He grabs on for dear life and says. “Ooohh, I feel your squishy stomach, Mommy.” You flex and say, “Oh yeah, what about now?!” He says, “Still a big fat tummy to squish.”

Your 6 year old asks you while you are waiting for the bus, “Do you have a baby in your tummy?” (footnote: I have never had a baby in my tummy. Both boys are adopted and KNOW I can’t grow a baby in my tummy)

I think its time for Brian to teach the boys about lying to girls using their words wisely.


  1. LOL! Tree Faerie (1 year old) has recently taken to pinching the squishiness on my tummy and giggling... What she can't say in words, she's saying with action!

  2. Ouch! They're honest little cherubs, aren't they? My daughter has said things about my physique that I dare not type into the blogosphere. But Angie, we've seen your pic, and Sista, you got nothin' to worry about!

  3. Trust me. Those boys will get much better at bending the truth to girls by 5th grade. Too funny.

  4. I had a student tell me my stomach looked like it had a watermelon in it. I believe that was the day I joined WW...yes, the boys must learn to lie if they want future girlfriends.

  5. oh my gosh!
    Honesty is such a great thing, except for times when discretion would be best, right :-)
    My daughter (4) has said some lovely things to my husband and I, too. Gotta love the little stinkers. :-)

  6. Lol. Them boys got some learning to do.

    I had to tell my ten year old tonight at dinner, that he shouldn't try and trip the girls who are playing soccer to slow them down. He wanted to know 'why', he didn't care if they liked him or not.

    Oh boy.

  7. sigh -- yeah. Thanks for reminding me of the futility of "flexing" my abs. I now have handed the hope of ever seeing six pack abs in my bloodline to my son. I made a good run, but it just ain't happening. Now I just embrace it when he laughs at the belt buckle mark embedded in my belly at the end of the day.

  8. I'd love to hear more about how you came to get the boys!

    And I agree with pinky - unless you are fudging that pic, you have ABSOLUTELY nothin' to worry about!

    xoxo & TTFN

  9. Thanks for linking this for me! My god the little buggers are humbling aren't they?