Monday, January 14, 2008

Traveling with Drugs

Today Brian left for his FIRST business trip since surgery in April. I am actually looking forward to this trip. Weird, eh? The reason being, while he traveled for so many days on end week after week in Canada, I grew very accustomed to that lifestyle. We missed him terribly, but we talked every night and we were extremely grateful to see each other upon his return. The lifestyle to which I grew so accustomed, however, was having no accountability to anyone over the age of 5 for the “goings-on” and conditions in my house. If we had cereal at 4:00 for dinner, so be it. Pizza at 2:00? FINE! Laundry dirty? Put on your jammies for the third day in a row. Toys on the floor again? Who cares! Step over them for another day or two! You want to go swimming at 5:00? Sounds good to me. Daddy wont be home tonight! Mommy is on the computer until 2 am? No one is waiting for her anyway! It was very liberating. In April, when Brian had surgery and life came to a sudden and abrupt shift, we all had to deal with the lifestyle changes resulting from Brian’s new issues, but also with Brian’s presence at home on a regular basis. Naturally, we handled it without much difficulty, but I think it was hardest for me. Having to be responsible for a presentable house and something that resembled a meal each evening proved to be a daunting task for myself who had become lazy out of practice in such areas.

Now because we can’t do anything simply or have anything work smoothly and easily in our lives, Brian decided to spice up this trip by taking some heavy duty drugs along. Drugs called Temodar and Kytril. One is chemotherapy and one is to ensure you don’t barf up half your insides from the chemotherapy. Ahh life…. Isn’t it great when schedules coincide to make things just … more … interesting? (½ empty)

Brian’s commentary regarding this untimely schedule conflict: It will keep him focused and on track with eating, drinking and resting which is easy to lose sight of on a business trip. (½ full) He is amazing!



  1. Oh. I am so with you! We lived and travelled for the past ten years in three countries and six houses. I lived exactly as you described.

    I was in charge of the house and three kids and my hubby was basically gone. He travelled all the time. Then last April he retired. Yep, 43 and home full time and pushing his nose into everything we did. It drove me crazy!

    Now he's running his own 'shop' and we've found a balance but it was tough! Now, why is it we have to be so different with them around? I still don't know.

    Wow, for you and hubby and the cancer. Here's sending you lots and lots of healthy cyber vibes.

    I'll stop by again and see how you're doing. It was a fun read.

  2. I am glad that Brian was able to push the drugs off one more night until Saturday. It was great catching up with the both of you. It is nice to be able to pick up where one left off and feel like we did not lose the common bond that we call UMR and Booze. :-) I hope the room has stopped spinning. Seriously, I had a great time and really enjoyed seeing you guys. I think the world of you both and hope we can see you if you make it to the Carolina's this spring.

  3. I miss the days my husband travelled for business. You're right. There is a kind of freedom when they're gone. Cereal? Yes. Drive thru? Absolutely. Enjoy.

  4. Oy. Traveling is hard enough. Brian is such a positive thinker. Try not to miss him too much. I highly recommend donuts for dinner while he's gone.

  5. Everything does tend to run a little smoother (allbeit messier) when my husband isn't around. I totally get that.

  6. He does sound amazing!!

    I too like being able to eat cereal at 1:00 in the afternoon, if I want to. I've been doing that often, since the kids went back to school.

    Hey - thanks for coming over and leaving the well wishes - I am fine - only need to remember about that bra thing the next time I ever have to call 911. Hope to see you tomorrow. Kellan

  7. Funny thing is, when my hubby travelled this fall, my house stayed cleaner, quieter, and we ate healthier than when he was here. Hmmm? I dunno. Anyhoo.
    Aint it great to be married to an optimist? Hey, they need... us to balance them out! ;-)