Friday, February 29, 2008

Things I've learned today

In addition to the multitude of statistics I spewed earlier, here is some more trivia.

1)Refrigerators can fart. Seriously. Every time I open the fridge today, I smell a flatulent-like odor, but I cannot find the culprit. I have searched the whole thing. If the door is open long enough the smell goes away. When it is open again an hour later, it comes back. While Brian insists that flatulence is funny, it is NOT when it comes from the item housing your food. I think I am going to put some Bean-O in its filter. Gavin insists it is probably raw meat or raw cheese. I didn't know there was a different kind of cheese. He is so smart!

2) When you hear coughing noises coming from the other room with a sick child, GO RUNNING! You just may be surprised the to find the sick child crying and exclaiming, "My brother threw up!" This would be accurate and you would find yourself in the middle of TWO sick children and a floor full of vomit and oddly enough consoling the one who DIDN'T VOMIT while wanting to ring the one who DID VOMIT's neck for not attempting to reach a toilet. Deep breath. Patience. Deep breath. Patience.

3) Milk makes amazing transformations and solidifies in the stomach.



  1. Just a theory here, but could all things listed be related?

  2. poor baby!!
    Poor mommy!!
    ech, I hope he didn't puke on the carpet. Last time my son puked, I had nothing to catch it in, so I just put my hands out!

  3. You poor thing. And the poor boys! Hope they are all better by now.