Sunday, November 9, 2008


Saturday morning, we were given our marching papers from the hospital. Just 19 hours after Brian's surgery, he and I were driving home together.

We were surrounded by family and friends this weekend - a weekend with cool, fall weather, a warm cozy fire and good company.

Unfortunately, Gavin is still sick. He does fine most of the day, but spikes a fever in the evenings, all night and in the early mornings. Since Wednesday night, he has eaten a sleeve of Ritz crackers, a small bag of McDonalds french fries, 1/4 bowl of mac-n-cheese and several tortilla chips - most of which was consumed today. He drinks about 5 cups of fluid a day and pees only twice. The call center today told me I HAVE to push fluids through him or he will get dehydrated and his body is probably on the verge as it is. His fever this evening was near 104. I will call the doctor's office in the morning to get him seen. He has almost no other symptoms.

Tonight, Sunday, Jan, Brian's mom, is spending the night with us to be here should any emergent situation arise with Brian or Gavin. I feel so much more at ease knowing she is here that I can attend to whomever needs me most. Right now, surprisingly, it is not Brian. It is Gavin. He trembles and shivers and sort of moans off and on. Also, she will be here should I need assistance in the morning with getting Grant off to school and tending to Gavin and Brian.

Please pray for Gavin right now. Pray for God's protection over the rest of the house, as well.

Please praise God for his amazing work in Brian right now. We have an appointment on Wednesday with the oncologist again to discuss possible further treatment. It has been 4 weeks since Brian's last chemotherapy treatment. He is feeling stronger and not as symptomatic right now causing him to consider further treatment in the near future. His legs are weak as he did little walking for the last 7 days. He still has some surgery recovery to do, but he gets stronger each day.



  1. Glad to hear that you are all home and Brian sounds like he is recovering well.

    Praying for all of you, especially Gavin as he fights off this bug right now.

    I'm sure you know this but pedialyte has popsicles, that worked great when I was trying to hydrate our kids.

  2. Hey girlfriend - just a suggestion - try popsicles too because they are just frozen ice. They will get the fluids back into him. Or try water with those Wyler's singles (sugar free, only $1 at Walgreens).

    Praying for you all!

  3. What a turn of events! A blessing indeed.

    The popsicles are a great idea for Gavin--I remember those days and it is hard to feel so helpless. Thank goodness for your MIL's help. I hope we hear more great news over the next couple of weeks.

  4. Thank God you are home and had a nice weekend. I'm sorry Gavin is feeling sick and I hope he gets better really soon - poor baby!!

    I'll pray - Kellan

  5. I am glad Brian is back at home where he belongs.

  6. Glad to see Brian is at home and feeling more like himself.

    If Gavin won't or can't eat a pedia pop you can use bits of one in juice or whatever he drinks (even soda or milk!)instead of plain ice. Snacks with salt (like pretzels) will make him feel thirsty. Jello re-hydrates too.
    We are cheering for you all and you continue to be in our prayers.

  7. Always, you're in my prayers.

    I am sending special thoughts to Gavin.

  8. I'm so glad Jan is there to help you.
    Prayers for you and your family as always.

  9. Angie, So thankful that Brian is home. I have prayed all weekend that the Lord would bless you abundantly in a way that would mean the most to you so that you would KNOW that He is our ever-present help in time of trouble (Psalm 46:1). Will pray for Gavin and for this illness to be resolved quickly. So thankful that our God is the God of HOPE! Continuing to pray and rejoice with you, Shawn from TN. ;)

  10. Glad you're all home again, and that you have good help there with you. Will pray Gavin gets better PDQ. (Popsicles, yogurt pops, icecream, malts, frozen orange juice dixie cups??)

  11. Glad you guys are back home again! It sounds like you had a great weekend. I will be praying for Gavin and for Brian's appt on Wednesday.

  12. Wow Angie, I've been trying to read your blog about every week and am always very touched by your candid journaling. You make me laugh and cry. I'm so glad to read about Brian's successful surgery and pray for continued improvement! Your strength and faith continues to inspire me ... for years now! You guys are amazing!

  13. I am glad Brian is back home.

    Always praying for your family, but saying an extra prayer for Gavin right now.

  14. So glad ya'll are home! Hope Gavin feels better soon.

  15. Praying!

    Let me know if you need anything at any time - I can be there.


  16. Poor Gavin. Hopefully by now he's feeling better. Just a thought: I use to be able to coax the boys into drinking stuff by telling them that it was the favorite drink of whatever superhero they were currently enamored of. Once I even had He-Man call Twig to check to see if he was drinking all his juice! Dirty trick, I know, but hey when your kid is sick ya do whatcha gotta do! ;o)

    Praising God for Brian's improvement and continuing to P.U.S.H. xoxoxo

  17. Praise God for the awesome miracles that are taking place in the family. Praying for Gavin to be fever free, and ready to enjoy the days with Daddy.
    Sending you (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
    while we seek God's face and keep believing.
    Love you Marjo

  18. Dear Angie,
    I just spent the last hour reading ,and catching up on your lives. I started with Brians Birthday post, and enjoyed seeing the pictures of Brian. He looks so good in these pictures.. Pictures are awesome..
    I read your posts about what you were faced with each day, and how it affected you, and your family. How Brian was deteriorating, and how you were faced with new, uncomfortable choices. I read how you had to make medical choices, that you hope is the right one, based on limited information. And how the outcome of a shunt made so much difference. I am so thankful that Brian is feeling so much better.
    I am thank-ful for your mother, and mother in law. Mother's jobs are never done, they are needed well into our adult lives.. many times, and in many ways. For every mother out there, never feel that you are not important, or insignificant!!
    I am praying for your little boy, who is feeling so sick.. And for you Angie, that you will be wrapped with a blanket of protection, for your health, for strength, wisdom, to be assertive when needed, and with loving patience too.
    From experience, I know that God waits untill the last possible moment to reveal his answer.. maybe because He is waiting to reach someone who would otherwise not get the message of His love, and power. You are reaching many, many people with your blog. Many who are finding strength in your faithfulness, and the incredible, (for this day and age), love for your husband. Many see your strength comes from God. And for many, like me, you are helping us put our lives in perspective.. and bringing real meaning to the phrase, "don't sweat the small stuff." I believe that God can, and will use Brian in a mighty way. You watch him become healed! and go forth, and preach God's Almighty power, (Brian won't be able to hold it in!!) for many years to come.. or untill Jesus returns to take us all home. And that is not far away!! You are a powerful witness for God right now.. You are showing God's stregth in your life, just reading your post gives many of us strength... May God richly bless you and your family... Praying daily... thank-you for sharing life.. Lis from the Pacific NW.

  19. I will continue to pray for him! Poor little guy I have been having the same problem with fevers though, not so high! I know they can be miserable! I hope he feels better soon!!

  20. I am so glad your MIL is there for support, and to hear that Brian is feeling less symptomatic. I hope Gavin feels better soon. You and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  21. We are praying for all of you. You are an amazing example of how God's presence in your life can make the most impossible circumstances possible.

  22. I have not stopped praying for you guys..hugs to each one of you..

  23. FIRST OF ALL ANGIE, I have been unable to comment on your blog for over a week (I kept getting an object expected error whenever I clicked POST COMMENT - despite the browser I used).

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you are always in my heart and I continue to pray and think of you always.

    Girl, you inspire. Every. single. day.

  24. Hi Angie Brian and boys....How is everybody? Gavin hope you are feeling better by now:) Still in my thoughts and prayers.