Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is just life.

So lately, my kids aren't doing much to give me any blog fodder. Life is relatively boring and routine with soccer, church and housework and I consider that a good thing.
You probably don't want to hear about everyday life with us so I don't write about it.
I feel like you don't care that I re-acquainted myself with a friend recently and found out we have much more in common and a deeper friendship than I had originally thought.

I feel like you don't need to be bothered with pictures from our trip to a local orchard.

I feel like you couldn't possibly care less that the orchard is now surrounded by a windmill farm taking away from its simplistic roots, but somehow giving it a new mystique.

I feel like you don't at all find it interesting that this is the face of my friend after warning her husband not to throw the contents of the garbage can into the bonfire at their home in the country under construction only to be ignored and for the rest of the party to find out that a small compressed gas cylinder used to power a nail gun will first sizzle and scream like a Roman Candle before it explodes like a shotgun shell sending embers flying everywhere.

That's the trashcan in the background JUST before he was cautioned NOT to dump it.

And WHY would you be interested in knowing that on beautiful Fall Saturdays my boys set up little parties in the bed of Daddy's Pick-up for hang-outs with their friends.

And what could be more boring that seeing Gavin wears his chocolate pudding on his face...

And Grant wears his on his sleeve?

Why would you be interested to know all that? It is just life.



  1. Great photos! What is it with men and fire--once Mr. G. insisted on throwing an old bic into a bon fire we built for a backyard birthdy party. Our neighbor was thrilled with the explosion. So much so that she called the police.

  2. And life is beautiful!!

  3. Super cute picture of you and Grant. Even though he doesn't look so thrilled to be photographed!!

    And honestly, I thought all of this made for a great blog post. I wish I could have seen everyone's face at the bonfire before the explosion! Too funny!!!

    Hope your normal average days carry on!

  4. Ahh, but it's a good life. Wonderful, wonderfully normal every day life. The stuff that all memories are made of. Especially if normal and boring is exploding gas cylinders!

  5. Great pictures...and about the husband and the trash.
    My theory is that HE KNEW what was in there....and HE KNEW something "cool" would an explosion. Men love to blow things was all part of his LET'S SEE SOMETHING GO KAPOW PLAN.

  6. I love reading about the plain old life stuff! It's fun and it's real. Loved the pictures too! I love FALL! Take care!


  7. Those of us that care about! Besides, who WOULDN"T want to see such beautiful pictures of 2 such awesome boys - especially when they don't seem to be giving you much grief lately! Glad to hear everything is just boring, everyday old stuff...that's the way it should be since a lot of excitement usually leads to a lot of stress (one way or another!) Just wanting to let you know I think of you often - especially Thursday mornings at LMO and the conversation turns to Kevin Leman and Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours!!!

  8. Coming from wildfire country, the thought of burning anything in your backyard boggles my mind.

    Danger Boys is a face to shoulder-wiper too--thank goodness for Simple Green.

  9. It's nice to see and hear about the average family in America. Your family reminds me of my kids and their families. You can tell from your boys that they have a wonderful life. Keep up the good work. I think there is a song that says something like "you're going to miss this". They grow up so fast and time goes by faster every day. You are an inspiration.

  10. omg. your friend and her husband and the trash can could totally be me and my hubby.

  11. It's absolutely WONDERFUL!!
    I love it.

  12. Next time you have a bonfire with your friends you need to introduce them to the exploding beer can (ask Kevin for help if you need directions).

    Can't wait to see you guys next weekend! Miss you and love you!
    Jen, Jake and Mason

  13. Goodness your boys are getting so big!!! Oh..and i so care about all of it..but the picture of the fire and the trash..HYSTERICAL..

  14. The boys are looking so big in these does that happen?

    This is what blogs are about.. Life! Now I want to go to Eckerts...

  15. You are absolutely right. So boring that I just could not stop looking and reading. Boring, boring, boring....sounds much like my life too. LOL

  16. Is that YOU in the picture? You are so stinking adorable. Great pictures of everyday life with kids. I love it!

  17. Just another great day in the life...

  18. Tail gate parties and bon fires - sounds like a pretty darn good life to me!! Your boys are so cute!

    Have a good week - Kellan

  19. Grant is so tall. I don't know many boys that aren't drawn to fires likes moths to the flame.

  20. Wow, that's quite a bonfire. I'm sure the boys were quite impressed with the exploding gas cylinder!

    I'm assuming that's Tanners? That's a fall tradition I really miss...