Sunday, October 5, 2008

Get Service

We saw this video at church today as a reminder that as Christians, we are constantly wearing a sign on our backs (like it or not) that says "Watch Me" because we have claimed to be Christians.

While the quality and the effects of the video aren't fantastic, the message is great. Please watch to the end.

I hope we can all, Christian or not, remember the message of this video next time someone cuts us off in traffic, someone speaks rudely to us while checking out, someone fails to use common sense and inconveniences us, an elderly person is going to slow for our liking or people are just irritating us in general.



  1. As truly simple as it was, that video was such an eye-opener.

    It is so easy, in our own haste, lost in our own thoughts, to forget that those around us, fighting the same traffic, standing in the same lines, are REAL PEOPLE. With lives, with problems, with fears . . .

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It really couldn't come at a better time.

    Another "best of blogging" moment . . .

  2. Super good video.

    I'm not exactly sure how Christianity links in there... it seems more like just a "human relationship" thing - which of course Christ wants for us. But it's also just a human thing we want for ourselves.

    And, I must be totally dense... what does "Got Service" mean? Is that supposed to be a play on words somehow? I don't get it.

  3. i got it!! =) what a powerful message for real. thanks for sharing it...

  4. Wow. That was awesome. SO true. So true.

  5. What a very awesome video. Thanks for sharing it. When those inconvenient episodes happen or traffic piles up, I try to remind myself it just might be my guardian angel trying to avert a wreck, disaster, or bigger inconvenience "down the road." ;)

  6. Thanks for the reminder :) We can get so cought up in our selves sometimes.

  7. Excellent video!!
    I can honestly say that the Lord has helped me in this area tremendously in the past year or so. I used to be that guy, thinking everyone was in my way.

    It's so nice to see people as fellow sufferers.

    Good stuff, Angie.

  8. Oh, Angie. You brought tears to my eyes with this. Thank you.

  9. Got it.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  10. I watched it..all of it.. and loved the message.. it really should be seen by more.. because I am so guilty of not seeing sometimes..