Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thirteen Daily Phrases

Today's rendition of Thursday Thirteen is a compilation of 13 phrases I know I say daily.

  1. Gavin, EAT!

  2. Grant, do you smell that? *sniff sniff* That is your stinky attitude.

  3. Daddy’s HOME!

  4. I. Do. Not. Care. Who. Started. It. STOP FIGHTING and tell him you are sorry.

  5. No, Grant, you CANNOT have a snack right now. If you even ASK me for a snack again, you are going to be in trouble.

  6. Gavin, are your pants wet or dry? (yeah folks, he’s 6-1/2, talk about potty training never ending hell!)

  7. Hey, watch your mouth! No bathroom words!


  9. What are the rules?

  10. Can you NOT see that I am on the phone?

  11. Oh, what I think you meant to say was, ‘thanks for dinner, mommy. I know you worked hard on it and I didn’t mean to say all those nasty things about something you worked on’

  12. Did you hear me? I said I will NOT REPEAT MYSELF AGAIN. (ridiculous, I know)

  13. Good night. Mommy loves you, but Jesus loves you more.

Makes me realize I need to add a few more positive phrases to my daily regimen. Ouch.



  1. "Can you not see that I am on the computer"

    I would have to put this on my list


  2. I will add..."does the couch look like a piece of playground equipment?" yeah, 5 year olds don't really get sarcasm yet LOL

  3. Great list - what is it about the phone? They can be playing so great and you sneak off to make a phone call and they are!

  4. I heart #2! I am so going to use that!! :)

  5. I love that stinky attitude! Good TT

  6. How many of them are direct quotes from YOUR mom?!

  7. OMFunny-bone. I know that I hear the boys using some of my phrases against me.
    My favorite around here is "my ears don't work when I hear whining" "and one complaint about your food and I take your plate away". Funny and great blog.

  8. That's a pretty powerful exercise - to write down your frequently used phrases. I'm sure all of us would need to retake our inventory! LOL

  9. Yeah, I hear ya.
    Oh, your Vampire Weekend is up again! And, scroll down on the right and click on "Rock the Casbah" and you'll get to hear four of their best! Cool stuff.

  10. Some of these sound quite familiar. I love the skinky attitude one - I just might use it! =)

  11. LOL..... I say the SAME things all day long too!!!

    Great post! I think I will have to do something just like it. :)

  12. the joys of motherhood!! it brings out our nasty side...but, our tender side, as well!!
    you sound like me, on a daily basis!!

  13. Great list!!!

    I have already started saying, "Can you please stop playing with THAT. You're freaking mommy out." Yeah, at 7 months he already found IT. I try to distract, but to no avail. Great. Just great.

  14. Wow. Sounds like my kinda day!
    Thank goodness Jesus loves us more!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    (yes, I am addicted to photoshop... I now know why everyone warned me not to get it!!)

  15. I love #8 and #12 - so me!!!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet prayer for our baby - it made me cry - thank you so much!

    Take care - Kellan

  16. #13 is creepy. Shouldn't a parent's love come first?

    Happy TT.

  17. Loved this list! I say a few of those a day myself.

  18. I can totally picture you saying number 2. I cracked up when I read it.

  19. Not only did I love it, but I felt it too. Felt it making the hair on my arms stand up because it was all too familiar.

    Love the stinky attitude one - that's new and I'll probably use it.