Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Many Musical Moods

I was listening to this amazing little girl, Gabi Wilson, sing the other day and walked away from the computer not realizing that related clips would follow. I heard some R&B dance ditty and was jumping around like Josie Grosie in Never Been Kissed. (I don’t know what is more embarrassing – that I dance like Josie Grosie or that I admit I have seen Never Been Kissed.) Then, I was in the kitchen when I heard Electric Slide. I couldn’t help myself. I “Electric Slide-d” through the entire house at 4 in the afternoon to the song in its entirety. I think the Holy Spirit Himself overtook me and had me exert what energy I had remaining. I HAVE to Electric Slide if I hear it. My ridiculous spectacle of myself made me realize that I respond differently to different types of music.

1) Christian Rock – This is what I listen to about 75% of the time at this stage of my life. Sometimes I sing along. Usually I am just zoning out in the car, but I like to think my subconscious self is praising even when I’m not making a concerted effort to do so.

2) 80’s Dance songs – Make me want to, well… dance. I can do the Molly-Ringwald-Breakfast-Club pony and the Electric Slide like no other. I want to don my Units belt, leggings, oversized-shoulder-padded-Boy-George jacket and legwarmers and frolic about like Marine Jahan did to “Maniac” in Flashdance (not Jennifer Beals who actually played Alex, but didn’t dance). I can’t control myself.

3) 80’s Alternative/Punk – Depeche Mode, Violent Femmes, the Cure – I want to hide in the back room of some black-light illuminated multi-room nightclub, smoke Marlboro Lights and flirt incessantly with purple-spike-haired, black-leather wearing guy. Just kidding. I want to go look through high school yearbooks and get out my cassettes – only we don’t have a cassette player anymore…

4) 90’s Grunge – Nirvana, Pearl Jam. Brian thanks them for bringing some integrity back to music to get us out of 80’s Pop. I BLAME them for it, bu-uut I also like them. When I hear them, I want to jump in a mosh pit for about 5 minutes, then immediately take a shower.(I’m a mid 30’s mom, for crying out loud)

5) Rap - Turn the dial. I have no tolerance or appreciation. (unless it’s DJ Jazzy Jeff or Ton Loc)

6) Blues/Crooners – The blues and any sort of Norah Jones-ish, lounge-y singing puts me…well… “in the sexy mood.” Can’t explain it. I sing along to Frank and the Rat Pack, though.

7) Heavy Metal – Barring Big Hair Band Monster Ballads, I mute or fast forward. I can’t resist the ballads, though. What mid to late 30-something didn’t have a monster ballad as “their song” with a high school sweetie?

8) Club/Dance mix/Hip Hop – I primarily workout to this, all those annoying songs you hear between plays at a football or basketball game give me a boost on the treadmill. (“Who let the Dogs Out” is one of my favorite tunes for running, Stop laughing.)

9) Big Band/Swing - This music makes me want to try to swing dance, but I never learned, so I just wave my pointer finger and Charleston.

10) Country- I am impartial. Don’t love it. Don’t hate it. But it doesn’t MOVE me any direction. I do like bluegrass, though.

11) Broadway Show Tunes - I sing at the top of my lungs. Come on, who hasn’t tried to belt out their best Mary Magdalene “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from JC Superstar?

12) Jazz – For some inexplicable reason, it makes me want to clean and decorate my house. Something about a nice soft sax and clarinet makes me think of a super modern, high-tech stereo system in a tidy, irrationally organized room meant for entertaining, sharing a bottle of red and relaxing.

13) Classic Rock – I have urges to drink beer and play some cards with friends and family. Also makes me think of my hubby, Brian, who has every album Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead have ever recorded or had boot-legged comprising about 50 gig of his 200 gig music collection.

(I know I am cheating by adding two more, but I am also going to take a 3 day break from blogging for Easter, so cut me some slack.)

13a) Reggae – I want to have a margarita and sit outside basking in the warmth of the sun – beach, pool, lake, backyard, whatever. For this reason, I reserve reggae for warm conditions, lest I get depressed thinking of the inconsistent March and April mid-west weather..

13b) Classical – Sit down in my big comfy chair in my extremely tidy room the Jazz music helped me create and enjoy a glass of wine, a fire and a book or crossword/Sudoku puzzle.

What many moods of music do you display?


  1. I like a little bit of just about everything--not so much with the headbanging though.

    I do think "A Chorus Line" is a great soundtrack to clean house by-when no one else is home of course!

    Have a good break.

  2. I guess you could say I am a bit manic when it comes to music. I go all over the board. I like just about everything - depending on my mood!

    Have a great day!

  3. Great idea for a T13, Angie! I've got eclectic musical tastes too. Don't like country much, though (there are some exceptions). :)

    Happy Easter!! Enjoy the Holiday weekend!

  4. I loved this!! I am pretty ecletic in my music tastes too. I just like to turn on the IPOD and put it on shuffle! Not a fan of country though, who would have thought that, me being a Texas gal and all!

  5. Glad to see I have a fellow electic slider! It is amazing to me how I can still pick it back up and do "the slide" even after years of not hearing it (it must be like riding a bike or something...once you know how, you never forget!) Once again I enjoyed your post. Happy Easter!

  6. If you could ONLY SEE Angie electric slide!!!!It's like an arobic exercise. Family weddings would not be the same if Angie did not dance to the Eletric Slide!!

  7. This is a post after my heart.. I am addicted to music. All kinds.. almost everything listed here I enjoy.. I dance around my house, my car or even the grocery store line if I hear something I like.. Happy TT!!

  8. I'm with you. I'm a bag of jelly beans when it comes to music. Great idea for a T13 Angie

  9. I'm a "just about anything except country" kinda gal.

  10. What a great thursday 13.. (15)..I am with you except for the Christian Music..besides songs I sing at church on Sunday's I don't know any Christian/Gosple music. Well OK, Amazing Grace and Abraham had 7 sons.. But you know what I mean. You should see my iTunes about crazy mixes for different moods :-)

  11. I have such a thing for 80s music. I suddenly want to pull out my scrunchy, throw on some plastic bracelets, tease my hair, put on my electric blue eyeliner (with matching mascara)and coral pink lipstick all while dreaming about dancing with Swayze and marrying Ralph Macchio.

  12. I so could have written this post about my own musical tastes! Too funny!

    Have a great Easter!

  13. I love the elctric slide! My sweetheard thinks I was born into the wrong racial category.
    Keep it up, Ang.
    Love your musical tastes.
    Got the Vampire WEekend CD from Amazon last week...can't get it out of my head!

  14. I can totally see you doing the Electric Slide. And I've seen Never Been Kissed - and I like it.

  15. I love all those, too. But I'd definitely add Country to my list. For me, some of that gets the, ummmmmm... romantic juices(!) flowing like nothin' else. LOL!

    You left out Opera though -it is the one and only form of music that can make me want to RUN FROM THE ROOM SCREAMING AND PULLING MY HAIR OUT BY THE ROOTS! If I want to be screached at, I'll adopt another teenaged girl! AACK! ;o) LOL!