Monday, March 3, 2008

Boy Meets Girl, Miracle Monday 1

Considering the vast number of unique individuals alive on this planet at any given moment, anytime two of those individuals meet, fall in love and decide to spend their entire mortal lives together, it is nothing short of miraculous. My first Miracle Monday post is about how Brian and I, out of billions options, came to meet.

In March of 1972, a little girl named Angie was born in Texas to two people originally from Missouri with a nearly 3-year-old son. Within three months, her family moved to Indiana JUST outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years later, they moved again to Muscatine, Iowa.

Here, the two originally from Missouri had their third and final child – another girl. Five years after moving to Muscatine, Iowa, the family of 5 moved to St. Louis, Missouri where they would hang their hats until their youngest graduated from college. College. College is very relevant in this miracle love story. Angie rarely considered any other college than the one her dad and her brother attended. A small engineering school in the middle of Missouri called the University of Missouri – Rolla (UMR). It would be here that she would meet her soul mate – the man God had created and intended for her.

In November of 1972, a baby boy named Brian was born in HONG KONG to two people originally from Illinois with a 5 year old son. The circumstances behind Brian’s birth were very joyous, for just a short time before his conception, Brian’s parents had lost a baby due to a condition not yet discovered, yet treatable, in Brian’s mom with respect to child-bearing. The birth of another son without complications was a miracle for Brian’s family as is any birth to any family. For the first 5 years of Brian’s life, his family lived in various parts of the Far East – Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong until they were transferred to Illinois.

In Illinois, the family welcomed their third and final child – another son. When it was time for Brian to decide upon college, he had difficult choices. He was an excellent hockey player and had some offers to play hockey with some tuition subsidy at various universities. However, his parents knew Brian had a knack for math and encouraged an engineering program. The decision for the University of Missouri – Rolla would prove to be difficult for Brian as it is a very small town with no ice rink for miles. In the end, education over recreation was prioritized and Brian would attend UMR. It would be here that he would meet his soul mate – the girl God had created and intended for him.

These circumstances are miraculous as they are for any individuals coming together because the most extreme or the slightest circumstance change would have prevented us from meeting. For instance, if Brian’s mom and dad hadn’t lost the baby, they would have had a son a couple years older than Brian and Brian would not be. Brian and I would not be. Our family would not be. God had a plan. If Brian had chosen to play hockey in college as he sometimes regrets, Brian and I would not have met and once again, Brian and I would not be. If. If. If. There are so many ifs in one’s life that can change its entire course, the fact that we take the path we do can be described as nothing short of miraculous – a divine hand guiding us, leading us, shaping us, molding us along the way. There are MANY Ifs I wish I could change in my life. Many paths I chose to follow I wish I hadn’t. Many decisions I would change. That doesn’t discount the divine hand of God in my life. That shows He is willing to let me have free will, make mistakes, find my way to Him and rely on His grace to lead me, especially in that time of meeting my spouse – a time that neither of us knew the Lord much at all. My Miracle Monday this Monday is the fact that we two lost souls born on opposite sides of the planet could find each other out of all the billions of people in this world on this small campus in this small town in the middle of Missouri.


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  1. I think about this fact a different decision on my part (or on his part) and I would not have met my husband. I had been praying to God for years to send me my husband.

    It still amazes me when I think about all of the little things that had to come together to make it all happen. Because I have no doubt in my mind that God sent the best person for me.

    Can't wait to read the next installment!

  2. Lovely. It is a miracle isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your pictures are too cute.. And I have to agree, your meeting is one definitely made by fate.

  4. Great post- thanks for sharing your story. God has a plan, and it's truly amazing!

  5. Great story Ang. John always says that, even if he had gone to another school, he would have found me anyway. He can be sweet sometimes.

  6. Beautiful. God is good. His plans are always for our best.

  7. wow what a miracle! It is funny how important each choice we make it. It can effect so much!

  8. Thanks for sharing your story! I always look back at things that happen that I wish didn't happen at the time, but know that any change in history would change the outcome today. God plan is always the best!

  9. Beautiful story...and to come from across the Globe!?!?! :)

  10. I truly believe that God does have a plan and works in mighty ways even in getting us together with our spouses :0)

  11. God is so good, and loving.

  12. What a beautiful love story - you are lucky to have found each other.

  13. Loved the pictures. Can't wait to hear how you then met at the college...what fun.

  14. Love this!! God truly does have a plan for all of us! I love to see his miracles at work!

  15. What heartfelt writing. It will be fun to hear more.

  16. Hi Angie,

    I have been meaning to write a comment for some time now - life has just been so busy (and equally as sick in our house!) I, too, loved your post today (I actually love all of them and I DO read them all, I just don't always have time to comment.) I have often told many people that it is so amazing how God has a plan for you and your future spouse. It is evident for me and Rodney that He had a plan for us and he sure used some pretty interesting circumstances in our lives to bring us together too!

    On a totally different note...I know that it is genetically impossible and maybe I am way off base, but it seems to me from looking at the photos of Gavin and when Brian was younger I find some similarities in their apperance!? Just as God brought you and Brian together, He chose the two of you to be the parents of those 2 beautiful boys. I know that you already know that God had a purpose for your lives when you went through all that garbage all those years ago...He needed you guys to be available to be their parents.

    I have told you this before, but I think that you are an amazing and very strong person. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself on your blog. You are also a wonderful writer and always keep me wanting to come back to read more! I also can't wait for your next Miracle Monday installment - next Monday seems so far away!

  17. This was truly a FABULOUS post and story!! You are right - it is simply a miracle. I loved hearing your story Angie - wonderful!

    See you soon. Kellan

  18. what a truly amazing story!! it is unbelievable how life's circumstances can bring people together!!
    you two are truly lucky!!

  19. I just TOTALLY enjoyed and loved this tale.

  20. Awwww, that's sweet. I love this story.

  21. Have you ever heard Wayne Watson's song, Somewhere in the World? I think it may have been written for you and Brian as children.

    Your miracle is nothing short of amazing proof that, as has been said so many times here, GOD HAS A PLAN. Part of that plan was for you to go through everything you now look back on and wish you could change; for you to walk the paths that you walked because He knew that no other path would lead you to the here and now that you love so much.

    Keep loving, keep trusting, and most definitely keep believing!

    Damama T