Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

Tomorrow my precious family of 4 will be going on the second leg of our small Spring Break mini-getaways. Since Southeast Missouri didn't quite bring the excitement that last year's Disney Spring Break trip did, we decided to go all out and spend the next few nights in Iowa and Nebraska. Oh Yeah! Nothing screams Spring Break like cornfields and... well... cornfields. While the kids have a few days off, we are going to see Brian's little brother, Michael and wife, Jen in Omaha since they are usually the ones who have to do the traveling. We are stopping in Williamsburg, Iowa for an 18 hour stay at a Holidome Waterpark. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 40's. Yup, Spring in the Mid-west!


Won't be blogging much after tomorrow for a few days and won't be checking blogs. Don't even know if I will have time to get my Monday Miracle created. I hope so, but it will likely only happen if I can work on it during the drive time. I get wicked car sick, so I am cautiously optimistic about it. When we adopted our second son, during the 72 hours between his birth and the time his birth mother could legally sign the papers, I remember telling someone that cautiously optimistic TOTALLY SUCKS. Lately, I feel like that is the description best fitting my entire life. I digress.

I would like to respectfully request that my fellow bloggers take this time as a hiatus from blogging as well in consideration of my google reader. Thank you.



  1. Aww, Ang. Have a fun, bundled-up spring break. If it helps you feel any better, we stayed right here in our house and pained our bathrooms for a soon-to-be-buyer to enjoy... during our spring break.
    Oh well.
    Take lots of dramamine and sleeeeep it away, if you can.
    Much love, friend.
    I'm praying for you all, each day....

  2. Have fun and be safe. We'll be here when you get back. xoxoxo

  3. Too funny about the Google Reader! It is hard to keep up!

    Hope you have a great trip frolicking upon the many cornfields.... Just have fun. Enjoy every moment.

  4. Hope you don't get too car sick! Have a great time!

  5. Have a great time with all the corn!

  6. Yeah, like that's going to happen. I can't even leave for the day--how are you going to leave for several?!

    Have fun!

  7. Have a wonderful trip and don't get carsick trying to write Miracle Monday...there will always be the next Monday...although, I have to say that I always look forward to your posts!

  8. I am rudely going to keep blogging, but request that everyone else takes your requested hiatus because my google reader is beyond hope and I could use the time to catch up. So sorry about the 40s. Really, TX isn't that much further south...

    So sorry about the carsickness with kids...ugh.

  9. So, so jealous. I got cows goin' on here . . .

    May take you up on your request. I wrote too much today anyway . . .

    Have a blast . . . in Omaha and Iowa?