Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guess who...

Remember how I mentioned recently how things seem to go in my life....

Well, guess who has a first grader who's class was doing a math/science project with pumpkins?

Guess who didn't sign up to help?

Guess who developed a conscience about not signing up to help and last minute asked the teacher today if she still needed help?

Guess who was needed (badly)?

Guess who got to school to find only two other moms helping - both with twins and trying to bounce from classroom to classroom with other first graders?

Guess who helped 6 first graders carve a pumpkin so they could explore the inside, count seeds and decide on a face?

Guess who's group discovered their pumpkin was ROTTEN in the middle?

Guess what a rotten pumpkin looks, feels and SMELLS like in the middle?

Guess who gagged for the first 5 minutes after opening and still scooping seeds out of a slimy partially rotten pumpkin?

Guess who's first graders all last interest in helping with a slimy, smelly, partially rotten pumpkin?

Guess who didn't breathe out of her nose for the next 30 minutes?

Guess who washed her hands no less than 15 times in the next 30 minutes and still will never get that smell out of her now etched nostrils?

Guess who hates carving pumpkins even at home?

Guess who loved it and began this tradition with his kids years ago?

Guess who is able to take Texan Mama's advice and laugh about this situation even as it was happening?

Guess who would be so proud of the mom who hates carving pumpkins, who is getting burned out on volunteering at school and who did it anyway with a giggle in her memory box about the entire situation?

Guess who rejoiced upon completing this project (for the second straight year since she also had a first grader last year) knowing she has no more first graders?

Guess who found out that third graders also carve pumpkins?

Guess who will have a third grader next year?

Guess who will have a third grader the year after that?

Any guesses?



  1. Guess who hates carving pumpkins, too. You are not the only one.

  2. Well, at least you only have 2 kids!

  3. Thats hilarious!

  4. You are definitely a trooper going through all of this. Hopefully next year none of the pumpkins will be rotten.
    I'm proud of you as well :)

  5. That was cute! And way to go stepping up to the plate! But I so think I smell that awful smell even all the way to Arizona in my kitchen! Ewww, rotten pumpkins!

  6. I have my hand raised. I think I know the answer.


  7. My guess is that your boys have one Awesome Mama!!!

  8. I suspect Brian will be channeling his pumpkin-carving skillz through you for the next few years.

  9. Way to go! That would totally grose me out...I hate wierd textures :). The skate park we took Gabe to is in a nieghborhood off Koerner Rd. If you are on 150 near Grand Prairie Mall turn left on Koerner Rd then right into a new nieghborhood (called Sommer..something), go all the way to the end of the road and turn left and you will drive into the park. It's a really great park!

  10. Quit carving and start painting! So much easier and you never know if your pumpkin is rotten on the inside :} I know, I always take the easy way out!

  11. oh crap! that's a lot of pumpkins! proud of you for taking it on today in class. sorry that brian isn't here to do it for you.

  12. Well, I can guess three things:

    1) Brian must be ferociously proud you.

    2) Those boys are lucky to have such a good sport of a mom...even with a low gag threshold.

    3) You still have your sense of humor. This made me laugh!

  13. Way to go, mama! So glad you made it through the stinky, rotten pumpkin. I would've gagged, too!

  14. I pray for your family.

    I was thinking about the Lord's Prayer in Matthew as I was reading your blog. It says "Your Kingdom come" which means that the Kingdom is coming, and coming - it is pouring out everywhere. all around us, and why? For the healing of our hearts, and our souls. Later Jesus says, "Give us our daily bread", which means we don't get to come from out beneath struggle, but instead that God stands with us, providing for us.

    The fact that you are here, where your at is a sign - a testimony of God pouring out everywhere in your life. You have come so far, and yes your still under it, but your not alone. Jesus stands there with you, and from a distance we stand with you in prayer.

    The Hebrew word for Prayer that Jesus would have used is Teffilah which means "to hope for", and I am here "hoping for" greater sunrises for you, and an outpouring of the Kingdom of God, His heart that is so deep you will barely be able to wade into it.

    When I read your post I kept thinking, "Guess who is being Jesus even in the most difficult circumstances to her two children? Guess who is saying, "I will not allow this thing to take away my will to do better?"

    I think Brian is smiling right now watching you be everything he knew you were.

    Peace be with you.

  15. You are a hoot!

    Have you ever thought about face painting the pumpkin? Oh, I know that the pumpkin needs to be opened for part of the lesson plan, but why does the face need to be carved?

    Still laughing, Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

  16. Oh, Yuck! I've never had the "pleasure" of smelling a rotten pumpkin.

    Guess who thinks it's a great tribute to Brian that you can laugh about the silliness of the situation despite the pain?

    Loving you....the good, the bad and the stinky!

  17. Several years ago I bought a few of the fake pumkins that you can I just get them down from the attic. I'm much more impressed with you! Pax Christi

  18. Ok...guess who was laughing out loud during this entire pos???....yep, you guessed it!


  19. I can see Brian laughing over this. You are a good sport to help out with class projects. The teachers (AND kids, even if it doesn't seem so) appreciate it more than you know.

  20. Ummmm...I'm guessing you :-)

  21. Guess who should write a book????