Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad....

Look for me.

Or listen for me.

I will be the one driving 72 mph in a Honda Odyssey down I-55, IL Rt 4, I-64, I-57 and I-24 from Peoria to Paducah today belting out showtunes. My kids will blissfully ignore with their wireless headphones and overhead DVD player.

You see, I defaced Brian's beloved IPOD. Brian is Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead and the Doors.

I am Evita, Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, Madonna and Prince.

And while Brian gave me an appreciation for Classic Rock and I do love it, NOW I CONTROL THE IPOD. I deleted Metallica (less Enter Sandman) and all other Metal. I added Britney, Avril, Evita and Phantom.

But, I did not TOUCH the beloved and now sacred BOZO'S MIX playlist. NEVER!!!

One road song Brian and I ALWAYS agreed upon which requires at least a 20% volume increase while screaming along with an occasional air guitar and a drumming on the dash is this one:

And guess what else? I left Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, and the Doors.

So, between my renewed, heavily discounted XM, a reloaded IPOD and some Podcasts from our church, I am hoping this drive actually goes quickly. We will see.

Oh and by the way, in keeping with this theme, see that big green blob covering the entire middle section of our country. That is our route. Awesome.

What about you? What makes your road trip time pass faster? Especially the road trips where between here and there the only scenic pleasure is a corn field. Times 3,584.



  1. Being in the driver's seat most definitely helps the time pass faster. Of course I am a control freak, lol!

  2. I actually get books(unabridged) on CD from the library for long journeys. Just like "reading" without all the pesky words.

  3. Audio books - they really make the time pass quickly. You can get them at the library for free or Cracker Barrel let's you buy them for full price and then they refund most of the price if you return them within a week and you can return to any Cracker Barrel. Bummer about the rain. Something about those wipers going back and forth always makes me sleepy! It's like it's hypnotic! Be safe!


  4. Hope that you can enjoy the fall colors through those wiper blades. Be careful and enjoy your time with your family.


  5. I didn't know you liked Phantom, and Jesus Christ do I...I also love Les Miserable...I have it if you want to borrow it sometime : ) Enjoy your road much as one can while driving in the rain. Be safe!

    Love you,

  6. Josh Groban... even though I have a terrible singing voice... his songs make you sing like an opera star. For those long trips, it's all about the music.

  7. I love show tunes also! You should make the boys listen to them.

  8. I like your musically eclectic style.

    Don't I sound sophisticated for an oilpatch chick?

  9. I love the Phantom and all the show tunes. I also like classic (50's and 60's) rock. My first real boy friend turned me on to country as well. My parents ensured a love of concert music. My first husband introduced my to the Pops orchestra as well. Growing up in Detroit in the 60's you know what I listened to. My DH has also introduced me to gospel music as well and I still am a stick in the mud for the old hymns like Amazing Grace.

    Guess you could say that I love all music. But, bluegrass is a little too country for this Motown girl.

    I know that you will travel safely and reach your destination with a wonderful sense of well being.

    Your sister in Christ, Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

  10. Music! Good body moving music, which sometimes makes me speed, but it keeps me awake. My friend and I did a road trip from Ohio to Nashville and we made videos of ourselves singing different songs. It was really fun and the time FLEW by!

  11. Road trips are tough - I find I have to listen to the kids movies as I drive so I stay awake. Sad huh?! Glad you have found some way of making them workable for you. Drive safely!

  12. Didn't you know that I sound just like Celine Dion in the car? (It's a magic car.) The kids writhe in pain from the backseat, "No mom, stop, stop singing!" It's my way of getting back at them for all the arguing. Anyway, thank godness for Guitar Hero because now we all enjoy the same songs and they are always surprised when I know all the words. Happy Traveling!

  13. I simply enjoy listening to the ringing in my ears, while escaping the sound of the phone ringing in my office. When the ringing in my ears gets to be too much, I flip on WLS.

  14. Audio books, Angie. On the road trip to NY, D.C.,
    Wilmington, Baltimore, Pittsburg, and Cinci, I got to hear "The Known World," which I had in my "to read" stack at home for 2 years. It was a really good story. Try it. Love, Jane

  15. Driving across Texas takes no less than 6 hours, so I load up my favorite tunes. U2, Clash, Coldplay, Alanis Morisette...I could go on.

    Oh, throw in a HUGE latte. That helps.

    I make a gallon ziploc back of snacks for each kid, and let them pack a backpack with dolls, paper and pens, small games, etc. We don't have a portable dvd player (ugh, I know), but this seems to work alright. We've never driven more than about 8 hours at a time.

    Be safe, sweet lady!!! (don't forget water and snacks for yourself...I know...I'm a nagging mom.)

  16. So did you make it safe & sound? I hope your trip is good!

  17. I love show tunes! I want to go, too!


  18. Books on tape help me to escape the "real" world sometimes.

    We will be in Peoria next summer for my oldest daughters softball tournament! You will have to tell me what there is to do there!