Saturday, December 6, 2008

something unfamiliar

Uncharted waters.

Foreign land.

Unfamiliar territory.

The other day, I had THIS at my house for a few hours:

Do you know what that is???

IT's a girl!!!

Pink, bow-wearing, blows her own nose IN A TISSUE, long haired GIRL!!

This is a friend of mine's daughter. My friend, M, has a 3-1/2 year old girl and 2 year old twin boys and spent the last few years in Mexico. Turns out, in Mexico, there really isn't snow, so M's cold weather tolerance is NON-EXISTENT. So while her kids are intrigued by the snow, M has been cleverly dodging their requests for winter wonderland playdates. Having spent a couple winters in Canada, I gladly offered to dress her kids up like Eskimos and let them experience WINTER (even though it is technically still Fall as Gavin keeps reminding me).

Turns out, this beautiful, steal my heart with her adorable smile and hair band with matching shoes FEMALE has her mother's tolerance for cold weather.

Still, it was fun.



  1. She's a cutie!

    I've got two girls you can borrow anytime. All you have to do is let them wear your high heels and use a tube of lipstick, and they'll be entertained for hours. :)

  2. I suspect I could put my (lack of) cold weather tolerance agains theirs any day of the week.

    I bet she had as much fun as you did.

  3. She is too cute in that outfit!

  4. Too cute! We hardly ever have a girl in our house either. They are so precious!

  5. Oh man, is she a doll or what?
    I'm with your friend, M. Everytime you write about the cold weather and snow, I reach for my quilt.
    I'm a wuss.

  6. Ang,
    Tonight, I made my boys watch Annie, the movie. Adam kept ripping on my "girlness", but despite me singing every word of every song, the boys seemed to like it. (I'm not saying there weren't lots of farts and wrestling during the commercials,) but it was the closest I think I'll come to having girls!


  7. Awh.. she is too cute.. and I am right there with you..there is rarely a little girl in my home.. so when my nieces come over I enjoy the time playing with dollies.. :)

  8. Glad you had a good time. And she is a little doll! Think Pink!

  9. Girls are SO different, aren't they :)

    She is darling in her winter coat. She looks pretty excited! I'm the same way about tolerating cold. I'm a wuss.

  10. She is precious. And little girls are great to have around as long as they belong to somebody else because they eventually turn into teenage, hormonal, PMSing, witches. Stick to your boys. They are much more fun in the long run! (who, me? frustrated? LOL!)

  11. Oh I hope you had fun with a girl in the house... they definently are sweeties!