Tuesday, December 16, 2008

our interview

Our interview about finding peace in the midst of life's storms was played at church this past weekend.

Here is a link to the audio file. Go to message player and click on the audio file for Finding Peace on Dec. 14. I could not figure out how to embed it directly in here because I am stupid about such things, so to listen to this will take you a couple of steps. I am sorry.

This link is to the entire message which I would naturally encourage anyone to listen to because I think it is powerful, but our interview portion starts with approximately 10:30 remaining (about 32 minutes into it) and plays until about 4:00 minutes remaining. The entire message is a little over 40 minutes.

You can hear some of the issues Brian has with his speech here. Prepositions are one of his most challenging issues - he uses the wrong one often. He knows what he wants to say, but the words just do not come out all the way he intends - Expressive Aphasia.

There were so many things I wished we would have said after the interview was finished, but I think the guy that did the editing of the interview did a fantastic job making it coherent and meaningful. One day I will post the letter I wrote when I got home from the interview that afternoon of all the things I wished I would have said. For now, though, I want you to listen to the interview in its purity without knowing the "coulda, shoulda, woulda's" of it.



  1. Angy, this is very powerfull and I want to thank you that you and Brian share these powerfull thoughts and comments with your church community, blog friends and everybody.I also need time to think about this, before making any comments but I am already sure that I have nothing to say, you guys said it all! Happy a wonderfull Christmas and God Bless. Monika.

  2. Angie and Brian,

    From someone who was there...it was just you guys being "Angie and Brian". Your love and devotion to each other, "for better or for worse; in sickness and in health", was SOOOO obvious...and truly inspiring for all those of us living marriage mostly on the "health" portion to be more aware and thankful for those moments and gifts of time. Thanks for being so transparent and open about your thoughts, feelings, and your faith. We love you!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing your testimony. You and Brian are a true inspiration and I continue to pray for your family. I wish you a blessed Christmas season full of wonderful memories and miracles.

  4. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

  5. Angie,
    Wow!! Your interview was amazing this weekend. And you looked absolutely beautiful! You had such a sparkle sitting next to Brian that I've never really seen before. It is so apparent how much you two love each other. It's breathtaking. Its sad that most married couples don't "get it" like you guys do. Thank you for inspiring me to value Corey more and to not get all freaked out at everyone because the house is a disaster and the laundry and dishes aren't done. Because that isn't important. I pray you guys have an awesome Christmas together and God blesses you in ways you never thought possible.
    Love ya!!

  6. Angie, Thanks for sharing. I pray for your family that God will show you the way and give you continued faith. Your boys will do okay. They have strong, faithful parents who love the Lord as examples for them. Be blessed this Christmas. I hope it beats them all!

  7. Wow Angie and Brian! So grippingly real. I don't know how anyone could have had dry eyes after listening to you make Jesus famous. It's wonderful to be able to hear your voices after reading about your powerful story. Thank you for the evidence of hope in your lives. God is continuing to use you powerfully to people you don't even know. Love to you this Christmas and I'm praying He will delight you with something that you both know is just from Him. Shawn

  8. I'm sitting here listening to the interview and looking at the pictures of your beautiful family. What an awesome witness you have. God is using this in ways that you will never ever imagine or know. You guys are truly a blessing.

    May God bless you and keep you, and give you peace.

    By the way, I listened to the whole service. It is the first time I've felt so comfortable and comforted with a service in several years. Thank you for that, too.

  9. Excellent interview...you two nailed it. I thought you did great, so it will be interesting to read your post-interview thoughts.

  10. I found that interview nothing short of inspiring. You're in my heart and prayers, but you know that.

  11. Thanks for sharing...

    Love HUD